Saturday, March 06, 2010

Snippets of Army - Night Firing

The stars are bloody beautiful when you lie down on the grass and look up. You could care less about the gunpowder in the air, the loud bangs that blast against your ears for a while until you adjust to it, the shockwaves on the ground that shake your body that slight bit, and the motherfucking huge black bar in the middle of the sky that blocks out a huge chunk right smack in the middle.

There's also the fact that you're bloody wearing a long 4 as usual with helmet and LBV, but fuck that. The weather's cool and you don't really care

"Detail 5 fall out Detail 6 take up proning position Detail 7 assist"

oh fuck my turn as assistant torchlight out oh fuck hurry up hurry up shineshineshine oh fuck my turn as shooter fuckgetoutmymagazinesandpronefuckkneelingpositionfuckneedtoloadfuckneedtostandup

...well at least I didn't have to go fuckIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIA.