Monday, January 31, 2005

ACS Life

School is going to go into full swing soon. *sigh*

Australia begins school tomorrow. =P

Being a vice-chairman is tough. For one, everyone talks loudly (Me included), but that's fine usually, since it's recess or pre-assembly. Otherwise, Kevin's being annoyed at me for talking to Sheu Zhi and Wei Hua, while he's trying to quieten the class down. Either that, or I'm in front with Kevin trying to shut the class up. Of course, there would always be another person in front: Gid/Hen/someone else. Gid and Hen are regulars. We would try and quieten the class and they come over and shout once and the class quiets down. Seriously, do they look down on Kev and I that badly? You might as well put Hen and Gid as chair and vice-chair. Geez, the class would be SO much better. Not. The class would be in flames whether we have someone responsible i.e. Kevin (Both, generally), someone who's loud i.e. Gid, someone who links well with the people i.e. Gid/Hen/whatever, someone humourous i.e. OM Group, or someone completely different. The only way the class would ever shut up would be if we had someone like Mr.Bongard in our class 24/7.

Then there's the problem of making fun of others and/or playing pranks or such. I'm fine with Darrell fuzzying my hair every single 10 seconds, I'd be kinda shocked if I wasn't. What I'm not fine of, however, is Sam Teo, Jun Yi, and Darren Wee constantly taking Sheu Zhi's stuff, throwing it around, and making fun of him. Then Sheu Zhi would try and take it back, and rouses for more trouble. *Today, SZ broke ST's Smelly Belly. Actually, Wei Hua did it, but Wei Hua's usually on Sheu Zhi's side.*

Then there's the thing about people like the person next to me constantly making twined stapler bullets and putting them on people's chairs and such. Seriously, could people like Jun Yi stop talking about how JK's fat and stuff. Gid's fat too, Zhang's fat too, does he make fun of them? Nooo. *Actually, that's completely hypocritical. I make fun of Zhang and Gid, and not JK. If I wanted to make fun of JK, it would rather be about his thinking he's the best singer in class.* Anyway, completely ignore that stupid statement, because it's stupid. I seriously couldn't care less about people calling each other fat. Gid can as easily call me an anchor as I can call him a snail. And it's true, both ways. o_O

Then it's Jun Yi again. o_O Ok, seriously. Would he stop constantly talking about Jeremy as if he's some kind of weirdo? Sure, even I agree that he's quite the nerd, but geez, there's a reason he hates you and not me, y'know. Maybe because I'm not as fast to descriminate as others are? *Yet another completely hypocritical statement. For crying out loud, I'm like, blatantly discriminating the 'hip' world. Geez, since when was socks 10cm above the ankle considered gay? I don't exactly think that having short socks is my idea of cool, either.* Well, before this becomes a huge flame about the stupidity of the hip world, let's toss the entire topic of flaming.

*sigh* School's gone on full swing now. There's a common test coming up at Week.9, and inbetween that and now there's Chinese New Year, the only thing I can look forward to, for it's a 5-day holiday! (Hey, that rhymed. o_O) And that's in one single word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious~! Let's say that again! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious~! Ok, that's enough times saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. o_O Anyway. 5-day holiday, plenty time to rebegin work on my story, something Michael may or may not look forward to, considering the immense logic flaws in the story. Anyway.

Homework is aplenty. Really aplenty. =( It's so sad. =(

Oh well, in Term 1: Things to look forward to, there is:

Lsc Practicals *For me at least. Dunno about the rest of you*
DESARU! *Done already.*
5 days Holiday! *Doesn't everyone?*
S.S.Virgo Trip in Week 10! *Sometimes I love being a GEP. If you don't, check up the features of the S.S.Virgo and you'll love being a GEP too. At least for a few days. =)*

After that, things NOT to look forward to:
SJAB Camp *Because it's a UYO camp. DUH.*

That's it for Term 1! Whee.



I can A every single Paranoia Song! Even Paranoia Survivor Max Oni!
I CAN A LEGEND OF TRANCE 2K4!~ With the C600 mod. Yeah yeah, call it cheating.
I can I dunno. I can't think of any other achievements.


Whee, Service Learning's starting soon. I guess I'm 'forced' to be with Kevin Low. Well, not exactly forced, but I'm vice-chair and vice-chair is supposed to help chairman in matters, right? I'm supposed to help him in matters as long as it's not love. Anyway.


Tatoeba ne namida ga koboreru hi ni ha
Sono senaka wo hitorijime shitai kedo

Yasashisa ha tokidoki zankoku dakara
Motomeru hodo kotae wo miushinau

Ameagari no machi niji ga mieru nara
Ima arukidasou nani ka ga hajimaru

Kimi ga iru kara asu ga aru kara
Hitorikiri ja ikite yukenai kara
Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga, ai deshou
Namida no kazu no itami wo kimi ha shitteru kara
Sukitooru sono me no naka ni tashika na imi wo sagashite
Egao mitsuketai

Nani mo iwanai de mo konna kimochi ga
Kimi no mune ni tsutawareba ii no ni

Sukoshizutsu machi ha iro wo kaeru kedo
Hora omoide ga mata hitotsu fueta

Kimi no kotoba no hitotsu hitotsu wo
Ima ha dakishimerareru kara kitto
Futari de kasaneatte iku sore ga, ai deshou
Dare mo shiranai ashita ga matte iru to shite mo
Daijoubu mou nakanai de
Kimi to te to te wo tsunaide
Aruiteku zutto

Futo shita shunkan tsunoru kimochi ja naku
Sukoshizutsu sodatete iku mono da ne
Aisuru kimochi ha

Kimi ga iru kara asu ga aru kara
Hitorikiri ja ikite yukenai kara
Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga, ai deshou
Namida no kazu no itami wo kimi ha shitteru kara
Sukitooru sono me no naka ni
Tashika na imi wo sagashite egao mitsuketai

Sorega Ai Deshou (I guess that's Love) -- Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! OP.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Leadership Development Programme 2005 o_O

Just when I thought the Tekam's trip was rather weird, Jarrel tells me about what happened to the Sec 4s. It's the Leadership Development Programme 2005, where the S4s head over to Gurong Lembak for their camp.

Apparently you aren't supposed to bring things like walkmans and stuff, and if you do, others are allowed to steal it at night. You can do other stuff at night, like grab a person's shoes and toss them up a tree, slash up their tents, steal their clothes, etc. All in the name of 'raiding' other camps. Only two rules apply for raiding: No fire, no hurting other person directly. o_O

Li Hao Yi (If you didn't know already, son of PM of S'pore) wrote a very interesting song about LDP 2k5.

GEP (G):
This camp is my camp,
This camp is your camp,
We set the borders,
You don't cross over,
You send your raiders,
We steal your wa-ter,
This camp will soon belong to me.

Mainstream (M):
You come and whack us,
That really scares me,
Too bad some planning,
Would come in handy,
But that won't help you,
Because we'll be the first to start,
Your shoes will soon be up a tree.

G: Your raft is sinking,
It's not surprising,
Your skills in knotting,
Are sorely lacking,
If you don't check it
You'll find some deep-shit,
That is just pure stupidity.

M: You're wise-ass panzies,
G: You're leftist nut-jobs,
M: You're just some wussies,
G: You're dumb as a doorknob,
M: We're gonna raid you,
G: But we'll still be the first to start,
All: This camp will soon belong to me.

Teacher: This camp was my camp.
A: But now it's our camp!

A: From Gurong Lembak,
To Singapore Islands,
G: From the wise ass panzies,
M: To the leftist nut-jobs,
A: This camp belongs,
This camp belongs,
This camp~ belongs~ to you and me!

o_O the son of the PM is weird.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Whee, OEP's over! Which is quite saddening, actually. No more huge warm fuzzy doublebed. No more KOF 2000 arcade for me to constantly challenge Sheu Zhi (Who I intend on beating now that I've managed to actually be good at K', Vanessa, and Kyo. I intend to place Kula in place of Kyo too, now that I know how to unlock her. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) Anyway.

First day:

(By Kev, Shaun and I, mostly edited by Watashi again ):

(To Livin' La Vida Loca)

Welcome to immigration,
We're gonna check your bag,
You're going to a brand new nation,
Make sure nothing's contraband.

Welcome to immigration,
We're gonna check your stuff,
We need to check for weapons,
Don't lie, or you're a thug,

We're gonna take your stuff out
and we'll check it through and through
If you're gonna live a crazy life
Then we'll take away your pain,
With a bullet to the brain!

We need to check for weapons!
You're gonna know what happens.
Livin' la vida Asia,
Livin' la vida Asia...

Welcome to Johor Bahru,
We're gonna leave by bus,
We're headed for Desaru,
You better not make a fuss.
You better not be bold,
or else get pumped by Bohtak-Soh,
Once you've had a taste of him,
You'll never be the same,
Yes he'll make you go insane!

Upside Inside Out
He's livin' la vida Asia
He'll pump you, beat you up
Livin' la vida Asia
His head is shiny yet
His skin's the color of mocha
He will wear you out
Livin' la vida Asia
He's livin' la vida Asia...

(1/2 the lyrics were redone, because what Shaun, Kev and I did was totally segmented.)

I've a feeling there's a particular someone who's going to laugh at me.


Everything was fine about the camp, except how Sheu Zhi always manages to beat me with his cheap attacks. By cheap I mean:

Toss fan. Toss fan. Toss fan. Oh dear, opponent jumps over. Jump B. Toss fan. Toss fan. Oh dear, Chang's defending the fans. Slide Kick. Toss fan. Toss fan. A CHANCE! Toss 3 fans!


Even my way of playing is better.

Jump over. Uppercut, hit, anything you fancy. Ooh, opening. SUPER!

I mean, geez, is it that hard to go close-quarters? Apparently it is to Sheu Zhi. o_O

Anyway again.

The mainstreamers keep going GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP.................

Sure, you get 'used' to it after a while, but one snaps at times, like I did, during reflections. *sigh* I hated myself for doing it afterwards, but at least they stopped shouting GEEEEEEEEEEP all the time.

Seriously, Justin Ng doesn't go about discriminating me for no reason.
Cliff didn't suddenly go OMGHE'ZAGEPLOLOLOLOL when I told him I was a GEP. In fact, he didn't look like he could care less.
Vikram for some reason thinks I look more GEPish than Jarrel. Ironic to the biggest extent.
Jeremy Teo left GEP during the P6-S1 Transition. Does he get discriminated? Nooooooo.

Seriously, they discriminate us because they don't know us well enough! I hate the stereotype-discrimination. Seriously, does Gid or Henry or Jun Yi or even Joshua look that much like a GEP? Noooooooo. Especially Josh. He's the SOCCER CAPTAIN, DANGIT! Everyone's like gaga over soccer, and here's a GEP who's better than the rest of the mainstream, but do they care? Nooooooo. Because he's a GEP. *sigh*

Anyway, back to actual activities.

Fireflies was fun. I love the breeze and the quiet sky.
Sandcastle Building was fun. I like making these kinda stuff.
Recreation time was fun. Because.
Everything was fun, especially annoying Kevin to no ends.

Tried DDR on the arcade at Kota Tinggi, I CAN PASS PARANOIA REBIRTH! on light. But hey, not many people in class can pass 6-footers.


Desaru Trip = teh funz. Not going into detail about events, because 1/2 of them were a tad boring.


I've managed to get Reality -- The Bezerker, the ultimate in Stepmania difficulty! Let's hope I can pass it soon.


Webcams and Microphones were installed on one of the two coms by Dad, out of a conspiracy where everyone around would use Webcams and Microphones (Jin Bao Jiu Jiu, Uncle Kim Lee, Li Choo Ah Yi, Tian Fa Shu Shu) in all 5 residences. Then they push the blame on us, saying we, the children, wanted it.

Quoted from Henry, who quoted from someone else:

"Vuatt de helle."


Mom and Dad were just discussing about moving house. I absolutely hate that. I've been in this house ever since I was born, IOW I've been here 1991-2005. I'd like it to be longer, thank you very much. I happen to like this house. *sigh* Sure, Gwin said 'Don't get sentimental, 'cause half of it gets mental' but I'm pretty mental already, and over-sentimental to boot.



Whee, completed watching Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! and Star Ocean 3 (My bro played for the most of it. Sure, I play too, but he progresses with the story. I train or explore regions.)

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu: Really funny, and the OP seriously hints nothing at the madness and insanity of what's going on. I particularly like Sousuke and Bonta-kun, but hey, who doesn't? It's a pity however that it's so short. 13 episodes in all. o_O

Star Ocean 3: It's really amazing how the plot goes in an accelerating motion. I mean, you have absolutely no idea of the actual plot until disc 2. Then they hurl all the philosophy and science at you, though the ending is kind of confusing.

Nel -- "Quite the philosophical condurum."

Also, having the final boss with 500k life when the ultimate optional boss has 20 million is quite a huge leap for me. Ne.

Shouldn't talk too much in case of spoilers. Actually, I've no idea who here who reads this actually plays Star Ocean 3. o_O


Whee, hopefully buying Full Metal Panic manga. ph34r!

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Whee, going to Desaru for OEP! A pity I can't bring cards there, though. Would've been much fun. But they didn't ban board games, so I'm bringing Wei Qi (or Go) to play with Jarrel or anyone who feels like it. Gwin's a nice person, so he offered to help think of ideas for Whose Line for Scenes from a Hat. =)

Mr. Soo is a nice guy at times, but geez, he sure is strict too. Like the normal Mr.Lai and the scary Mr.Lai, just that it takes less to get him to go into scary Mr.Soo mode. Pity Gid, Shaun, Hen, Isaac, Job, and ZQ. o_O

Oh wellz. Wonder what Desaru's going to be like. Azmand and Year 2 director is with us... o_O Kowai ne.

Life as vice-chairman is tough. I try and shut people up *As stupid the methods are, I still use them* and it sure doesn't work. Heck, they give Gid more respect than me. I guess what counts in this world is PR, not status. =P Gid should be vicechair instead of moi. ph34r.

SJAB is alot tougher this year. Oh well, they thought us to turn during march *I bet everyone's done that already* and 1/2 the squad messed it up. XD Apparently Peh Hong Yong our camp IC last year is weird.

PHY: "Hey, why don't we pump them? It's more fun than watching them learn first aid."


PHY: "Hey, I'm bored. Let's pump them."


PHY: "Why don't we pump them? It'll be fun. =)"


PHY: "Did you seriously owe us 5000 pushups last year? I don't remember giving pushups by the thousands..."


PHY: "Hey, last year's torture camp was fun, let's do it again!"
Michael: "Fun?"
PHY: "For us, not for you."

o_O Guess I can expect something during this year's March Training Camp. O_o

SJAB Revolution:

I wonder if the SJAB Revolution would actually work. I mean, JX, Kevin Wong, David Crawshaw, Michael, Teik Siang, Boey, Sheu Zhi, Watashi. While we're all among the better group of cadets (I.E. Not very good at SJAB *Douglas, Swami, Nikhil, Alexius, and others come to mind. Sheu Zhi too. JX, Boey and Teik Siang are definitely above the average. I can quite safely say that Crawshaw, Kevin Wong, Mike and I are among the better group of cadets.*)

John Ang's going to be the sword of honour recipient, if there will be one in SJAB. Pity, it's a real prestige to have the sword of honour. IMO anyway. I wonder if we can get John Ang to join our course of trying not to pump students unnecessarily. If we can get the best cadet to join our course *Assuming we keep this spirit of justice alive* then we should be able to make St.Johns more enjoyable. Then we have to make sure we keep a high standard, or we'll get killed by Mr. Kenneth Seah. o_O Complicated desune.

Off for OEP! Won't be back till Thursday! w00t! *sigh* Hope Full Metal Panic Fumoffu will be done by then. That would rock!

80 minutes slacking,
7 brownies eaten,
6 dollars debted,
4 lit reviews,
3 pages zhuo ye,
Commonwealth Essay,
An assignment and a Zhou Ji!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Tsunami Controvesy


Most of you have read it. If you haven't, read, but don't go overly angry. Everyday ego, everyday vulgarities, everyday jerk behavior, nothing new in America. (End stereotype).

Zhang doesn't wish to comment on it.
Gid's commented on his blog.
Kevin's commented on his blog.
Mike's commented on his blog.
DT's commented on his blog.
50+ comments were made on Jerz's blog, and counting. Some of us didn't comment on the blog itself, but have our own opinions, such as myself, DT, and Kevin, so I'm adding 15 to make 65+, which is a reasonable addition. Quite alot for one topic, if I do say so myself.

I wouldn't go as far as going he's an ultimate jerk, because in my opinion there is some truth in his statement. Then again, there is truth and every lie and a lie in every truth, and he had a whole ton of stupid ideas (Not lies) and basically a few lies here and there. Mostly stupid ideas. Little lies, little truth.

I will, however, agree that he has gone over the line quite a fair bit. But if you look at it again, haven't majority of the comments also done that?

(Begin idealistic views)

If they'd stop fighting fire with fire maybe things would've gone a little better.

(End idealistic views)

Yes, many people are donating out of symphathy, but majority of us are also instantly accusing other people of being heartless the moment they don't donate. Are you seriously capable of saying "I will touch the hearts of many people out there with my donations"? Even if you were, would people out there actually be touched?

Call me heartless, but with the constant talk about everyone donating to the tsunami and people labelling others as heartless makes me rather cynical. One donates, one doesn't donate. We all have reasons for donating, and there are those who don't. While it is sad that there are people who have such reasons not to donate, like Jay; there's also the people who donate just so they look good. This is, if you don't notice, a really good chance for a small country like Singapore to get on really good terms with Indonesia if it hasn't. Get my drift? It's too controversial to take a perfect stand on. While it's quite obvious one should donate in such a small context such as school, what about the big picture? There's plenty of ulterior motives to donating then.

People could all just donate huge sums of money, and others who don't could just laugh at them. We'd just call them heartless, and they'd laugh at us again for thinking we're angels. What good would it do?

Sure, he's a jerk, but aren't we just as jerkish as him? We're here to donate, not force people to and label them heartless when they don't.

He tried to get fame by controvesy, and he sure succeeded.

Go ahead, flame me now if you wish. I'm rather interested, though, to see replys that aren't like the first comment of Dirtyjerz's latest entry.

*Yes, I do know his name is Jay, but I'd rather not refer to it since I don't actually know him, or talked to him at all.*


7 Brownies eaten,
6 Dollars debted,
4 Lit Reviews,
3 Pages Zhuo Ye,
Commonwealth Essay,
An assignment and a Zhou Ji!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lame jokes R' Us

Whee, let's takie look at the still-alive blogs around.

ZHANG ---> Still alive. With a new layout and a new year, will he be able to sustain his title of most blog-visits in S2 GEP? People say that he doesn't care anymore! CAN IT BE?! *DUN DUN DUN!!! o_O*

MICHAEL ---> Can it be? Can a thing as ugly as a LiveJournal actually stay alive? Find out next episode of Revolutionary Blog Livejournal! *End lame pun, if you even got that anyway. Doubt you did.*

SHAUN --> Well, actually, not really. Toss this.

KEVVY LOWWY ---> Promising! With already 40+ Visitors, what is in store for this new aspiring sitemetred blog? o_O!

GID ---> With a blog soon as big as he is, what lies in store for this humourous yet equally philosophical blog? DUN DUN DUN! o_O!

(End boredom)


For geog, we were supposed to introduce ourselves and also think of a landform that described us well. I kinda got tense and couldn't think of a good one, so I listened to Kev. and went with an Earthquake. Why? Because I was tense! Aharhar.

Directly after answering, I thought of what I really should've been.

A glacier. Why? Because glaciers are lame in Chinese (Cold = Leng = Lame in Chinese) and cool in English.

I bet I would've made the class laugh. Hey, vice chairman can't be serious all the time, can he? =P


Lame jokes made over the past few days:

Hi, my name is Jack, and over this quiz that is the most important thing to remember. Ready? =) Ok, let's begin.

1. I'm hunted by the cookie monster! Who am I?
2. I'm a really good entreprenuer! Who am I?
3. I'm like a mime, stuck in a box or something. Who am I?
4. I'm a firefly. Who am I?
5. I'm famous for my scissors and cutting things! Who am I?
6. I like to smoke marijuana and other drugs! Who am I?
7. I'm a jerk! Who am I?
8. I'm a racist! Who am I?
9. I've a huge mallet in my hand! Who am I?

-Movies and TV Show people-

10. I'm a really famous movie star! Who am I?
11. I'm a superhero! Who am I?
12. I like Katanas and slicing people around! Who am I?
13. I'm an Australian! Who am I?


The iPod is a very recent product that has gone on the market. Ok, maybe not THAT recent, ok? Of course, we all want to know its features. Here, I shall describe them for you.

The PC, Mac and other OSs have the system called My Computer. Through it, you can access various folders and hard drives to get to your documents. The iPod has a similar system, except they would be sued if they used the same name as My Computer, and My iPod just sounds lame. Therefore, they have a new ingenious name for the iPod's access system. It is called the iBrowse. It is just as good as the PC's access system and sounds cooler too!

Another main feature of Computers and the iPod is deleting files. On the PC/Mac/Unix/Linux/etc, they have a Recycle Bin, where they 'trash' out the 'garbage' of unwanted documents and programs. The iPod has a similar system, except they have a whip. They use the whip to 'whip' the programs out of the iPod. This interesting idea is called the iLashes.

Of course, the iPod does not bear Nintendo-DS Capabilities for mouse movement, nor is it intending to be as perverted as them in other espects. The PC has a normal mouse, the new versions of laptops usually bear a mouse or a small platform for people to move their mouse on. The iPod uses a version of mouse movement that is even older than the Platform system. They have a ball in the iPod, much like old laptops, and is used in a similar way. This is called the iBall.

Another interesting thing about the iPod is that they have found a huge problem in it. The PCs used to have directory trees on the desktop, so you can see shortcuts for easy reference and such. The iPod refuses to do such things because they are referred to as iCons.

Once minute problems such as iCons are gone, the iPod will be the best deal on the market. Why? Because it's iDeal. =) The folks behind iPod are really Creative, pun intended. They even took lessons on Tai Chi so they would learn the art of Zen and Touch on it to have ZenTouch.


Quiz answers:

1. I'm the Jackpot!
2. I'm a Jack-of-all-trades!
3. I'm a Jack-in-a-box!
4. I'm a Jack O' Lantern!
5. I'm Jack the Ripper!
6. I'm a HiJack!
7. I'm a Jackass!
8. I'm Blackjack!
9. I'm a Jackhammer!

-Movies and TV Show people-

10. I'm Jackie Chan!
11. I'm Jak Jak!
12. I'm Samurai Jack!
13. I'm Kangaroo Jack!

(Really end boredom this time.)


Whee, late night sleeps really are starting to get me now. *sigh* Must sleep at 11 or SJAB will kill me. Oh well. =(


Minor mistakes in previous post:

Yong Jun, not Tay Jun. o_O

Originally, SJAB was 8-12. Also, Library usually ends at 4. IOW, I should minus 3 hours to get 53 hours originally. IOW... 5-day week just compressed everything. Wow. *sigh*


Tooku hanareteru hodo ni chikaku ni kanjiteru, samishisa mo tsuyosa eto kawatteku... Kimi wo omottanara...


Thought of the day:

"You asked me last time what was more important to me: You, or my life. When I said my life, you left me and went off without ever realizing that you were my life."

Food for thought there, huh.

Monday, January 03, 2005

1st day

o_O Our theme this year is "You are the salt of the Earth."


...sounds cheesy to me, dood!



Eng: Lee Tuck Leong (Teh uber bawrinz)

Lit: Lee Tuck Leong (see above)

Chi: Lee Chiou Yan (Yay, 2nd year.)

Math: Mazlind Ali (Yay, 2nd year)

P. Sc: Tan Boon Chui (Yay, 2nd year.)

L. Sc: Francis Soo (Yay, ISO Mentor.)

Geog: Lena Yeo (Yay, 5th time I said Yay. Now it's 6. o_O)

Hist: Dunno (Some teacher from Victoria School)

NO CS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!

New students in class this year.

Louis --> Sociable fella. =)

Tay Jun: Doesn't speak loud, but he knows how to WHADDUP! So I suppose he must have a level of sociability to do that ability so easily.

Danny ==> Haven't talked to him yet.

Jerrold Tan has left 2.12 for 2.13. o_O

Kevin Wong has left 2.13 for 2.12. O_o

BOEY YANG! has left 2.13 for 2.12. O(O_O)O!!!

And on the first day, I BECOME VICE-CHAIRMAN OF CLASS! *sigh* I get Kev Low, but why me? They're, like, picking on the prefected.

1st week: Chinese Zhou Zi. Commonwealth Essay. OM. 3rd Lang. SJAB. Man, this is just the 1st day. *sigh*


Mondays: Get home at 3.
Tuesdays: Get home at 7.
Wednesdays: Get home at 3.
Thursdays: Get home at 7.
Fridays: Get home at 4.30.
Saturdays:Get home at 1.

Mondays: Get home at 4.
Tuesdays: Get home at 7.
Wednesdays: Get home at 4. (Either Wednesday or Monday will be 6, for Library.)
Thursdays: Get home at 7.
Fridays: Get home at 7.

Dude, this 5-day week is kinda screwed up. Sure, I do lose an hour or two, but geez, now I have to eat at school everyday. 7am-4pm, 7am-7pm, 7am-6pm, 7am-7pm, 7am-7pm.

8+12+8+12+9 1/2+6 1/2 = 56 hours per week at school.
9 hours + 9 hours + 11 hours + 12 hours + 12 hours = 53 hours per week at school.

Hey, at least 5-day week has a purpose. o_O


Stepmania updates:

I have passed A by BMR!

I have passed Dokudenpa!

I have passed Legend of Trance 2k4!

I have got an A on every single Paranoia I have here! *Except PSMO, I've a B on that*


*I shall also start having URLs to my scores. PH34R!*