Sunday, March 11, 2007


In a few hours' time, I'll be leaving for SJAB March Camp. This on the first Sunday of the Term 1 Break. Yesterday I had to go for my Grandpa's birthday party, today I go for March Camp, Wednesday I return, Thursday my only 'free' day, and Fri-Sun is a so-called-relaxing-yet-similarly-boring cruise on board the Superstar Virgo.

Life in SJAB has become somewhat stressful because given how the AA FAC team goes training at every possible opportunity, I end up finding myself handling the scholars AND the Sec 1s either singlehandedly, or at most with 2 other S4s/Y5s, teachers not included. What's the problem in this? Mr. Alvin Tan has a tendency to disappear on me when I need him most, and at times in my face as well, leaving me single-handed. Not to mean that it's his fault for leaving me alone or anything, but being single-handed when you suddenly find out that BOTH the Sec 1s and Scholars have not been briefed in regards to March Camp is a very distressing thing when you realize that you're the only Sec 4 managing two rooms at once.

March Camp... don't get me started on it. I sincerely hope that all goes well.


Have you ever wondered how much life would change had you done something just a little differently in life?

Three years ago, I was particularly enthusiastic in regards to joining FAC. I knew I could do it, and I knew it would be interesting. Then around November 21 to 23, they called me and asked if I could make it for the FAC Camp. I refused, for reasons explained in the November 2004 Archives, assuming you can bear reading the extremely hyper and trivial musings I had back then. Fast forward to now, where the AA Team is JAng, Ezra, JYu, Swami, and Chris I. The staff sergeants are JAng, JYu and Ezra. The ASMs are Ezra and JYu. The CSM is JAng. SJAB is among the only few UYOs where there isn't a single GEP S4 in an important position (Well, arguably I play an important role, but that's very arguably.)

Two years ago, I chose Geography over History and Biology. As such, I was sent to 3.9 instead of 3.10. Who knows what friends I would have lost and what friends I would have gained as a result of this? I'm sure I know at least two, one whom I consider a loss and one whose presence alone would make me feel that 3.9 and 4.9 was a godsend, but alas he goes over to 3.9 and 4.9 as well. Haiz. >_>

Of course, I wasn't the only one who made those choices to reflect on it later. Imagine if Isaac and JK both were in 3/4.10 instead of 3/4.9? All the Isaac/Mong jokes would be gone. Gid would have another person to add to the list (Which is really only one person, but irregardless) of 'people in 3/4.10 who aren't cool'. 4.9 would be that bit more peaceful than it already is.

Have you ever seen the stars at night? In the starless town of Singapore, one needs to make effort to see just a few. But yet, that small amount of stars just look down on us like that. Have you ever noticed that some stars are slightly brighter than others? That some stars are slightly closer to us than others? That some stars are a bit more reddish than others? Simply put, those aren't stars. Those are satellites.
Artificial starlets sent up by men to look down on men. Yet nonetheless, they lay so distant from us, looking at us, as if pondering the exact questions as we do. After all, what person who purely lives in the present has enough time to spare for stargazing? Whenever we look at the star, we aren't looking at the star's present. We're looking at the star's past. Likewise, the star cannot view our present, eternally viewing our past. Imagine if each star were a small mirror capable of reflection far better than they currently do. Imagine if you could see a very small image of yourself in such a celestial mirror. Wouldn't you be seeing your own past before your very eyes, recreated on and on upon every single star in the sky? Would you be able to bear watching the skies, seeing so many different images of yourself at different points of times, doing different things, feeling different emotions, with different people... can you take that much?

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