Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sabahhhhh 1

Finally back from Sabah.

It's been amazingly wonderful at times, insanely painful at others, highly unproductive at some and very not-worth-it occasionally. But all in all it's been a great trip and an enjoyable one at that.

I sincerely hope certain things never become prominent, particularly of certain individuals and techniques >_>

Radius Hotel is an awesome place for cheap money. Centrepoint is a pretty good place to be.

Oh man, Malaysian arcades are so cheap. I don't get it. Why is a game of Pump it Up less than a quarter of the Singaporean price? Why do video games literally cost a quarter?

Well, at least thanks to that it was pretty awesome to play Fate/Unlimited Codes (Yeah wth Sabah got games that Singapore doesn't have, what's up with that) and on the topic of F/UC (yes I get that) why the hell is launching so impossible and why can't you airdash and why is the computer Berzerker so imba omg ._.


Ignoring the above arcade speech, the mountain climb was hard. Insanely hard. Mesilau isn't an easy route, but one heck of a scenic and beautiful one (at some points. Some are just painful) what with its waterfalls, rapids, mountainside views and what I personally regard as sky gardens. All said and done, even though it was a pain of a hike up to Laban Rata it was hella worth it. Pity I ain't got me a camera nor a facebook account so I ain't got the pics. =\

Summit climb however was a different case >_>. 8 deg. C at Laban Rata at 2.30am is not condusive weather for climbing up to the summit especially since the summit was 1km higher and probably 8deg colder. Figures, huh. In any case, Arjun's gloves are <3 though he couldn't climb up. You would've seen a wonderful view that I didn't, dude. =p

Bugger weather was so freezing at the summit top that I gave up waiting for sunrise and set down before that. Apparently it was quite a good view. Meh =\ Well, it was worse for others, of course. Ahem people who wore one layer of clothing to the top and wore shorts and didn't bring gloves and people who broke their slippers and people who broke their shoes and people who had to be brought down back to the summit checkpoint by porters ahemprasadahem.

I hate climbing uphill at 45 inclines with rope. Man, that was terrible. I also hate climbing downhill at 45 inclines with/out rope. Terrible as well.

After climbing down back to Laban Rata though we (arjun/wesley/john/teckjun/david) decided to head down asap and left around 9.50 (after much camwhoring on the generator in the highest sky garden). Thank god too, the rain started pretty soon after I reached the bottom checkpoint. So the only people who were dry were David, Arjun and I. Oh, and bloody independent koreans.

ON ANOTHER NOTE ABOUT THE KOREANS THEY ARE FREAKING SCARY AND FIT AND EVEN MORESO THAN J.LEE WTF. Begin Mesilau trail at 8am, and most people reach around 5-6pm. I reach around 4pm (Go me fastest non-scout non-Korean/independent dude muahaha) and the fit scouts (ie J.Lee, Shawn Nai, Basil (somehow), Clifford, etc) reach around 2.20pm AND BLOODY KOREANS REACH AT 1.40PM WTF. Oh god Koreans are scary people.

Yet another note on complaining and annoyingness WHAT IS UP WITH MESILAU WHY WAS IT CHOSEN WTH. Ok it was worth it in the end admittedly but curse you Azmi for choosing the route. AND CURSE YOU EVEN MORE FOR TURNING BACK 1KM INTO IT LOL. Good to know you care for people like Clement (Who gave up 500m in lolwut >_>)

A later post for the poring hot springs which we went to after climbing down the summit (I suppose very few people here play RO >_>).

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