Monday, November 02, 2009

A day before

It is now exactly a day before the final exams of my Pre-Tertiary life, and more importantly the final exam of my ACSian Life.

It feels rather queer that I feel so very ambivalent about the entire exams. I know a number who feel similarly, what with the "Oh, it's just another prelims" feeling and all, but in the end I think it's not a very natural feeling to have on the day before the exams that could probably make a difference in the universities that off you a place (Ignoring other factors that could lead to you not going into said university - money and the like)

These days I've had a lot to think about, I guess. Perhaps it contributed to my not caring too much about the exams - too much other things to care about. Relationships, the future, love, life, and the like. Personal debts to pay to people (more than I'd give credit for, I bet) and debts to claim from people (admittedly very few). Thoughts to think, thoughts to write, thoughts to ponder upon for days and savour every last message and implication of each and every idea.

I must say that the past few days were worth it, even if not too much mugging was done.


So many thoughts yet I cannot place a single one on this blog. What a pity.

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