Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Feceof and Idlea

Feceof: Idlea! What's someone like you doing here? No one's in the cafe, dear. Why is an activist such as you here of all places, drinking coffee and biding your time? Do you not have people to follow you? Hundreds of trails of footsteps to go behind your path? What travesty has happened? How is it that the leader is here but the supporters are gone?

Idlea: Honestly, Feceof, I do not know. I sincerely wish as much as you that they either be in this cafe or with me. But they are neither.

Feceof: Indeed. Why are they not with you, but not with me either? It intrigues the mind.

Idlea: Simple. Times have changed, Feceof. The windowpanes of the city buildings have not met starlight in recent years. People are governed neither by themselves nor by the governance. They are governed by desire, senseless desire; desire that wishes to overrule the self, desire that wishes to overwhelm the idealistic, desire that wishes to seep one's life eternally into mindlessness. They are people, Feceof, they are. But they are mere human puppets, slave to obedience rather than to passion and compassion. Just as they have no will to follow me, they have no reason to be here.

Feceof: Alas, what is it that has caused such a gigantic change?

Idlea: It is their society. Look at their adults. They live in a world of mere needs and wants, nothing more. What they need they take, and what they want they earn. There is zero tolerance for the unexpected, be it good or bad - they do not want to be hindered nor overly reliant. Their next 5 minutes are planned out to the minutest detail, and any speck of dust that dare get in their way get nothing less than the coldest shoulder. They have no need for this cafe anymore, Feceof - this cafe is for people to chance upon, for people to relax, for people to appreciate the trivialities of life. Just as they are too preoccupied with the next detail to come here, they are too centered in themselves to listen to the speeches of anyone else, not even me.

Feceof: Is that not just the adults? I do not see how those whose lives are not centered around cash can live so similarly.

Idlea: Just look at them, Feceof! They aren't even grown up to be individuals! Look at that, every single bit of that child belongs to the institution! Clothes! Badges! Accessories! Socks! Stationery! Even 'fashionable things' like wristbands come from the institution! Look at that group of people walking outside. What are they doing? They're not talking to each other. No, Feceof, those aren't leisure books. That's not intellectual pursuit. That's the exact same book every other person has. And that's no bible either - it gives twenty questions for each answer they have. Look at that. Would a child who is ripped of individuality grow up to be an individual in the future? No. He will grow up to be a group. One in the generation of youth that will grow up the same way as the present has. One that doesn't need me, nor you.

Feceof: Isn't that too extreme a view, Idlea?

Idlea: Am I?

Feceof: Certainly. Perhaps I am past my time, but you can still be followed by the youth. There will eternally be those who seek you, Idlea, just as there will eternally be regulars in this place. It is tough, but you have to persevere. There are those who still laugh, those who still feel annoyance, those who still want to go against the flow. They need you - no, you need them, Idlea. And when you do so, they will have hope. They will fight hard to survive as themselves. They will have others following in their footsteps. And when they tire out, I will be here to serve them the best drink they'll ever have. I need you, Idlea. And more importantly, you need them. Now go.

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