Monday, April 02, 2007


*usual gossip group*
Jerrold: Aiyah, knock it off lah. All you talk about is HW. Don't you ever have anything better to talk about?
Moi: Jerrold, I don't think there's anything else more interesting in class to talk about, actually.

Which got me thinking, really. And not just myself either. Though for different reasons and by different processes, we kind of have a similar issue: The future.

Some time ago Mong had the nick "What if Isaac became a teacher, Kwong became an executioner, etc..." Well, honestly, that's not going to happen. Life has a tendency to be static, from now until beyond. Gossip and amusing conversation seem to be the most interesting things to have around. Not to say that school should be anything to the standard of Cromartie High School, but it's always a nice feeling to have more interesting things happen.

Irregardless, that simple trivial conversation can keep up sanity for so long is somewhat of an astonishment in itself, be it whether Bryan betting me $5 bucks that Ayu says Uguu~ even in the H-Scenes of Kanon, Joel and Darrell agreeing on buying brightly-pink coloured manga for a birthday present, Kuang, Darrel and I agreeing on buying another different brightly-pink coloured manga for another birthday present, looking at Mr. Alvin Tan act calm and normal while facing among the most inefficient management in any uniform youth organization, or just having random talk here and there.

Jerrold: Quite sad eh, next year we all split up. Cannot soccer like this anymore.

I'm not as concerned about such matters, one really does wonder how life will be like at 17. And one wonders why nothing is done about this question and life goes on so meaninglessly as normal, almost as if people are lost in the battle against an eternal status quo.

Personally I don't know why I wrote this given how I have better stuff to write about, but meh. Life's like that.

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