Monday, July 23, 2007

A simple confession

Martin: And what is it that troubles you, Miss? Why do you sob?

Luini: St. Valentine's has cursed me badly. A Godfather drink please, dear bartender.

Martin: That's a strong cocktail, Miss, and I rather you not drink that. What's that in your hand? I can help serve a more fitting drink.

Luini: This.

Martin: Broken chocolate? And the valentine...

Luini: Will be disappointed when I present this to him. Can't you do anything?

Martin: Miss, I am but a bartender. But do give me the chocolate. I have a good idea.

Luini: And what is it?

Martin: Simply revitalizing your feelings. First, mere milk, heated at the flame while your chocolate begins to melt to form Cioccolata. The Alexander will do nicely for a good cocktail, but since it's Valentine's, let's change Brandy to... Amaretto.

Luini: Why Amaretto?

Martin: Do you know its origin? Da Vinci and his student were once asked to paint a Saronno church with frescoes. The student, knowing the sanctuary was dedicated to Mary, decided to paint the Madonna. What he lacked however was a model, and more importantly inspiration. And finally, he found both in a young widowed innkeeper living nearby the church. When the painting was finished, the innkeeper gave Da Vinci's student a simple gift out of affection. This simple liquer, Amaretto, is that from this beautiful legend. Your Alexander for your valentine, Miss.

Luini: ...thank you. It's very warming.

Martin: And your valentine, miss?

Luini: Has served me this beautiful drink. Thank you. Might I ask one last question?

Martin: What would it be, Miss?

Luini: What was the name of Da Vinci's student?

Martin: ...funny you should ask.

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