Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

4 days from now, the first of the month. 9.37pm.

Somehow, people always think that this is something special. That there should be a big celebration or something. Maybe even that this is the year of love, of peace, of fun, laughter and joy.

And maybe it is.

Y'know, being in a group of 4 where your birthday is 1 day from another gives you an interesting outlook. But honestly, I think I'm one of the few who is friends with another whose birthday is just one away, and one of the fewer who is such and still knows two other friends who are like me and my other friend. And I'm one of the fewest who go out with said 3 friends every once in a while.

And then, y'know, there's all the other friends whose birthdays range from the start of January to the end of August, from the 3rd of August to the end of December, but who really cares about them that much. >_>

Such funky (honestly, I can't think of a better word) coincidences aren't commonplace. But then again, my parents have the same birthday too. I know two teachers whom we tried to matchmake had amazingly near birthdays too. And I do wonder when your birthday is at times, even if out of personal curiosity.

Yet somehow, the days to the first just seems amazingly ordinary. And just on a hunch, the days after the first will probably be just as ordinary.

Maybe this feels a bit ordinary to me, but then again, what do people expect out of this anyway?

Out of curiosity and remembering that my other two friends were three minutes apart in birth, I just asked my mom casually when my birth hour was. And just for a short moment, mom and dad were talking about 16 years ago, how my dad left the hospital at 2030 to find out at 2137 that I was born. A surreal feeling, no doubt. Am I a blessed child to live in this household? Perhaps. I wonder; is this answer too rude? or just... well, nevermind.

I don't know, but everything about this year just has a particularly serene tone to it for me. Maybe it's the people I know. Maybe it's the things that I face. Maybe it's the things that I've grown a liking for.

But this is a rare time where serenity feels so extraordinary. I wonder how long this will last.

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