Friday, December 14, 2007

Sorry in Advannce

What words does one have for another he will no longer speak to?

What words does one expect to hear when he cannot offer to listen?

How can one wait for time when time waits for none?

Wise men say only fools rush in. Were their children on the verge of death?

Yet of the three descriptions for the last statement, only one would apply to me. I'm not on the verge of death (At least the way I see and hope it to be) and sadly neither is my father a very wise one. All that can be said that is true of me is that I'm a child.

Mom says I think alot. Really, it's just been in the recent 113 days. Just about twenty past a point where I decided to act out of my own personality. A point where I realized that justification for a foolish action had no bearing on the extent of its foolishness.

Yet after over a hundred days of thought, I suddenly find myself running foolishly again. Perhaps it's just in my nature to be an idiot. But really, I do hope that this is the last stupid thing I do for a while.

The things one does to stay alive, huh.

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