Monday, April 21, 2008

Memories of OM

I remember in P4 when a friend talked about it.

"Hey Herrick, hey Yu Min, why not we try and make a group and join this? My bros do it in Secondary school and it looks so fun!"

Try we did, with parents joining in to convince the formation of such a group. But as always, it's never easy being the pioneer, and evenlessso to get the chance to be one. Two years pass.

I remember in Sec 1 when the teacher came through the door and just went "We need two more people. Is anyone up for this?" And I joined with another classmate who quit pretty darn early on. I recall the feeling of a vehicle breaking on the day itself due to a bad practise run the day before. While a year or two later I hear that even if such problems contested in got first, the likelyhood is that they will not get any international credit - it does feel like a waste.

Give a few (Well, quite a few, just not a year) and an actual team forms. My first experience overseas as a student. I see the students from my old school in their own teams; no doubt things start with time. Everything flies through me so quickly that really, I can't remember much.


That I can remember at least.

One year down, a friend and I go as spectators and watch the glorious victory of our past teammates. I remember feeling happy for them as they got the Silver medal, of which a premature team failed to get.

One more year down, I recall a statement that opportunities must be given to others. A year I didn't bother.

One final year down before the future. I go down with my friend again, now a coach. I see the Div II Teams doing so wonderfully, and I see the spectators around supporting them, all faithful men from past and present. I sms their teacher coach about their wonderful performance, sincerely believing that they will get world champions. I see my friend put on antennas like the kids' parents did and make fun of him for it, teasing his closeness with the students he coaches. Him and I go over to see the Div III performances.

I have never seen as many strangers of this up till now. It is much of a shock. I see people pointing at my friend's antennas and speak to themselves, laughing silently at themselves and likely going 'what kind of idiot is he', and wonder to myself what reason was it in them that drove them to want to come over in the first place if just to watch two performances and screw the rest. I wonder to myself what reason it was that drove them to even watch the two performances which they would have never done in any other year.

I think back to the Division II teams. It really is much too different.

One year into the future. I sincerely hope I do get the time to coach like my friend. It feels far more in the spirit.

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