Friday, May 30, 2008


'pparently my class has had an excellent WoW trip and my regards to them. Friends from other classes I've heard also came out learning things - some of them important lessons, no doubt.
My heart goes out to them.

While some class fights typhoid, some class builds houses, some class climbs up coconut trees and stargazes into the world beyond, and some classes stare out from their windowbeds out and wonder how their friends do elsewhere, I lay in a bed in NUH.

It was, honestly, a rather painful experience. 'specially the 10+ injections.

That I was in the bed to be declared fine after scans, checks, punctures, and tests is an annoying experience. My spine will shiver in physics lessons whenever the teacher mentions anything about wavelengths and lambda, I expect.

But really, there're worse feelings out there.

It was a bittersweet feeling getting onto MSN and seeing all the faces go "Hey, Herrick, how was your WoW?". A painful feeling getting onto MSN and seeing all the nicks go "WoW was..." and the like. A knifeslice feeling knowing that people have learnt, enjoyed, made friendships and relations while I lay in bed with my pulse being measured at 4am.

It's not the most wonderful thing to talk about, really. The pain of having anesthesia fail on you while a needle jabs through into your spine. The wrenched face as you hear the nonchalant voices of the staff and their statements of iced logic and heartlessness. The completely weak and useless state - and not a soul to pray.

It would've been a reply laced with dread. And I feel that it would've been a reply better non-existent. And so it was. For now I'm somewhat glad that pretty much no one in my class knows my blog.

Edit: A dumbshit of a classmate apparently doesn't understand the idea of 'pretty much' along with the trend of learning not to talk about stuff.

It's an interesting thought how the idea that you knowing something about someone that others don't is a testament to your right to speak of it or at least of some signification of something more than that.

...perhaps it is only as interesting when you end up in hospital for that, I suppose.

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