Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitty the Cat

Of late my cat has disappeared from the household, likely not to return.

It all started when us feeling that the cat would feel quite lonely at home, hence my mom suggested taking it on walks outside (It used to fear these so badly). She put the cat on the ground and just saw it stay in the same place and not move. For 5 minutes.

My mom decided to leave it for longer. She was right. The cat knows how to stay in one place really well. Apparently it found a nice place next to another cat that did the same thing as kitty. Real good at it too.

Nighttime comes and kitty finds herself at the base of one of the staircases near my house (I suppose she can't recognize which is which since they look similar) and mom picks her up at night.

My mom comments that at times she notices that others like to pet kitty and stroke her gently. There's a big difference between her and other cats, of course. She doesn't bite back and she sits there doing nothing because she's too lazy to do anything. Yeah, that keeps up for hours btw. Kitty staying there and doing nothing, that is. Not the stroking.

One day kitty just disappeared after over a week of this schedule. We've been searching for it since but no results came up. The cat isn't at the spot we leave her at (the one with the other cat) nor any staircase around nor around the vicinity. My mom thinks that someone else thought kitty was abandoned (since she does appear at that spot everyday and no one notices her disappearing back into my house at night) , felt pity for the cat and picked her up and brought her to his or her own house. It sounds like the most possible occurrence currently.

My well wishes go to the cat, whereever it is. I pray that whoever picked you up was not the SPCA.

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