Thursday, July 03, 2008

Little Dots

Synd : What do you see at the top of the hill, Riezz? The view is great only for those who seek it with meaning. No glass is lucid, no crystal is clear; and no clarity will show the truth in the tinted eyes of yours.

Riezz: Isn't that obvious? I see people.

Synd : What interest is there in seeing them from so far away? Do you intend to see them as distant beings, separated from your life and self? Do you intend to look down on them, mocking them from the high end you are? Do you intend to seek out those who have long forgotten about you, eyeing them from above like a hawk does its prey?

Riezz: Certainly not. I see them as people. I see them in a way that I could not possibly have seen them as while I was down there amongst them, Synd.

Synd: And what of it? I fail to see any good perspective brought from the top of the hill.

Riezz: I see them as a network, Synd. One you can only separate yourself from by coming all the way up here, and one you reenter upon returning to the streets. Say, Synd. Have you ever thought of the people you know as dots?

Synd: Dots?

Riezz: The little kind, obviously. Perhaps you may think of it as a gigantic series of lines and dots connected together. People make up the dots, and relations make up the lines. Everytime you talk to a person, you form a little line between your dot and his or her dot. And no matter how long it takes, the line fades ever so slowly.

Synd: And what of that has to do with coming up?

Riezz: Fascination and awe, Synd. Look down there. Along the 3rd street lies a gambler with a pair of dice, cards and a coin. At the church lives a girl whose name is of the bells. Far out in the distance is a traveller who follows the stars. Somewhere you'll find a pair of siblings walking around, learning about life. Outside on one of the roads less travelled lies a coffeeshop with the rarest treat you'll ever get. Right now, even Pycha is probably at the academy deep in his studies. The thought of whether I'll get to converse with any of them again is a wonderful thought in itself, Synd. I'm sure that given the opportunity, I'd even find Saisell somewhere out there and be able to talk to him again.

It's a far-away feeling that you can only get by being far-away, Synd. The problem with being close to people is that you take it for granted that you're close to them and you get the chance to talk to them. Isn't it so? And when people disappear you just fill it in with new people. But from here, Synd, you can see everyone. The new, the old, the past and the present. Well, sum it up, I'd say you see the future.

Synd: The future, huh.

Riezz: The future indeed. Have you had conversation with acquaintances of the past? There's a slight warmth to it that isn't exactly found in everyday conversation. Maybe it's self-conscience. But it's warm. Ironic, isn't it? To be colder the closer you are to a person. Well, not exactly, and it's a skewed point, but I suppose you understand me.

Synd: Perhaps there is a period of time before I ever will.


I'm blurring the line between monologue and conversation these days, it's rather annoying. I feel quite sad for Synd - he's such the minor character.

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