Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Somehow I know I'm supposed to expect things to turn out a certain way, but it's always rather depressing to remember again that if you hide a side of yourself from the world for too long the only person who knows that it exists is you -

- and you alone.

I know that some people comment that they never figure out what I'm thinking. I just forget that I need to take that line of thought more seriously.

The problem with being an observer was that you never managed to mingle with others properly. It comes with the job.

The problem with being a storywriter was that you never thought about people but the message you were going to write through them or even worse, about them.

The problem with being a thinker was just that sometimes you do it too well.

The problem with considering humanity in regards to anything was that you ceased to be human yourself.

The problem with being me is that no one will be like me. And perhaps no one like you means no one likes you. But that's just overly pessimistic behaviour.


Perhaps for every action ever seen of me there have already been a hundredfold gone unwitnessed

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