Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Bittersweet. So bloody bitter and so little sweet.

I wonder why I felt so depressed over it.

Because I didn't do my best? I personally felt I did. I won't be able to find out any unbiased opinion about how we did for each song, so I can't tell if I actually did my best (as a section).

Because the choir could have practised more? Perhaps. We could have. I heard other JCs sang every day in the morning. Certainly they wouldn't have any problems with feeling tired or the like.

But I think one important thing was spirit. Anyone who saw how the schools were like after announcing results would agree with me. Our choir doesn't have that, and it never will.

And the other? 一雄芝崎's words suffice

of all my friends that sang with me for syf leaving after syf
including you
it is just dam sad to part ways
especially after singing together for a period of time
that's why the syf results are so important to me
becuase we worked together towards that goal
it is something that we have put in so much time together

I sincerely want to drink some alcohol, but I'll refrain.

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