Thursday, June 11, 2009

EQ and IQ

Sometimes I wonder about why the world was made this way. Why I'm the person I am, why he or she or they are the people he or she or they are, why you are the way you are (A generic form of 'you', since I'm not in the lets-play-cryptic mood)

My mom teaches special ed. I'm sure the readers I know reading this know that too, and that the readers I don't know reading this probably don't know this either.

She mentioned a kid in her school dead intent on getting a PSLE Certificate. For EM3 students. His parents were apparently rather low-IQ as well.

We know already that won't get the kid anywhere in life. Why do it? I attributed it to male pride. I attributed it to a drive to do well. A need to prove that he could succeed where his parents (might) have failed. And I realized five minutes later that was just vanity in my ego trying to place myself in his shoes forcefully - perhaps not a square peg in a round hole, but more of a XL round peg in a S round hole. I'd never get it, and my attempting to push my own motivations onto others is but a terrible attempt to feel less estranged from the world.

But as much as I eventually realized I would never know anything about this kid no matter how much I speculated (simply because of the difference in thought) , I realized it'd just apply to everyone else in general - the smart ones, the dumb ones and the little blue smurfs.

And as a corollary, people wouldn't understand me no matter how hard they tried - a very, very natural conclusion.


I forgot what else I wanted to write lol nvm. gg it sounds so emo when it isn't ah well

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