Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A summary of the hols

Aaaaaaand it appears we need to study.


The hols have been a lot of working, a lot of playing, a lot of slacking, a lot of jazz, and a lot of thinking.

A lot of working on random things like the SATs, the IAs, the EE, the TOK, the various revisions and projects.
A lot of playing random games like COH, Jubeat, LR2, and the frequent arcade trips.
A lot of slacking talking shit with friends, lazing around and playing bartender.
A lot of jazz in 60-minute medleys on nicovideo I'm sure my brother is sick of. I'm not.
A lot of thinking.

A statement I hear around a lot is the 'because you're smart and I'm not' statement, or similar kinds. It's rather painful, really. First, it's defeatist in nature. Secondly, it's terribly condescending, both ways. Third, it doesn't even give me a chance to act human. Sometimes I wonder how those far smarter than me feel. It's a depressing thought. Somewhere out there there's a girl rejecting someone, saying 'You're too smart. It has not done you good.' and she means it.

Sometimes surprising things happen to people you'd never expect such things to happen to. (I hope I phrased that right.) Life really does work in mysterious ways, I suppose. Even the closest of men around you remain as unpredictable as the strangers they were ages ago. Well, in a retort to that, I suppose it's the strangers that they meet up with that make them unpredictable, isn't it? You'd never know how you'd react to a stranger - friend? foe? lover? acquaintance? And consequently it makes sense you'd never understand how the people around you react to strangers they meet. Somewhat fascinating, honestly.

I will soon be an uncle in a few weeks, presumably very soon after the exams. Perhaps it's kind of the first sign that you're getting old. I suppose the other is when you start drinking alcohol without your parent's permission and they don't mind (though some will quickly argue that's more of a sign of bad parenting. I don't deny that).

Deep inside everyone there's a simple essence - a universal core, if you will. A concept of humanity. Sadness, happiness, awe and wonder. Yet this essence gets shrouded and clouded by many things - ideology, opinion, intelligence, talent, fame and the like. I just hope that in viewing the many aspects of life wrapping around the essence, people don't forget and forsake the essence holding all the aspects of life and personality together. No one likes dehumanization.

It's the final holidays as a Pre-U student. What have I done? What have I accomplished?

In hindsight, perhaps not that much thinking. Well, to my own defence, I didn't pen down everything. Thankfully. =p

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