Saturday, January 02, 2010


2010 is finally upon us. It's queer that I write this at so long after 1st Jan 2010 rather than 1st Jan 2010, but oh well.

I spent the countdown into Christmas and into the New Year lying in the balcony of my relative's house staring at the sky.


The sky doesn't look any different.


It's quite queer, but this year and the year before have both begun with wedding celebrations. It almost feels like parallels could be drawn between the beginning of two years that could not be any more different.

I guess seeing the first one puts the second one in perspective though. That perhaps the happiest couple in the world might not be the happiest after all.


So my cousin got 42 points for IB despite taking Latin B SL and Music HL. I consider that some insane achievement in itself but damn lol. Now must get 43+ liao gg noooooooooooooooooo

Oh well I'm too lazy to worry about such stuff. FF13 and P3:FES beckons while the rest of the folk around me stress themselves to death over IB. Queer.

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