Monday, November 19, 2012

If money weren't an issue maybe I wouldn't be in this city at all.

I honestly think that there's something innately tragic about this carpe diem mentality and how it garners support and faith amongst people, even serving somewhat as a panacea for the lost. Better to live a short and full life than a long and miserable one, they'll always say. Just do something that you're passionate in and don't care about the money.

Be my guest, but please don't ever think that this mentality will ever help the world at large. It's interesting because I see top comments on youtube that feel that "There will always be someone that will be interested in what you aren't interested in", extending it to even cleaning the sewers, ignoring the problems that education, proportions of people who want certain jobs, changing perceptions of what is socially acceptable, people to care after and other issues (I'm really tempted to put "economics" as an issue precisely because they say "ignore the money")

The number of people who will truly enjoy what they do for a living right now is without doubt a scarce minority, a drop in the red ocean. To say that this should be the case and that all is fine with the world is almost wronging humanity in itself. But to go about this with a 'everything will solve itself' mentality or even the 'live life fully and quickly' kind of mentality is just a tragic response to the issue - to not attempt to fight your way to a meaningful survival and live instead as the bright spark that shines ever so brightly yet dies ever so quickly.

The very worst would be when what you intend to do doesn't stop at burning you away in passion - it further burns those who believed and had faith in you.Your dreams will cost others dearly.

Of course, once you master whatever you loved, life would be different. But when will that happen? Will you ever make it there?


Perhaps I am still bitter over it all.

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