Sunday, November 18, 2012

KAC Flight Annoyances

Not being able to make a single arrangement even though I know everything right in front of me because people just aren't getting back to me is probably the most rage-inducing thing in the world.

The thing that kills dreams and hopes and attempts to make them into real life isn't naivete or fear of risk-taking - it's emails that take one week to get back to you and the tape and everything else that will never flow like clockwork that do.

Yes this perfectly fell within my expectations but I went ahead with it anyway fully aware of the insanity that this involves. I just wish that the insanity wasn't because I had only 5 days before the competition before I got a confirmed flight detail and because I was going to do what I was going to do.

Really, I know that real life is a bitch and things never turn out as easy as you'd wish they do but sometimes it gets more annoying than usual. Sigh

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