Sunday, August 26, 2007


Suzu: And here I am, Sora. After so many years; here, like we promised we would meet. It's been such a long time, and I really miss you.

Sora: It really has been a long time, hasn't it? I've missed you too, Suzu.

Suzu: Do you still remember the promise? The promise to meet again; the promise to chat again; the promise to see each other face to face again and talk, just like past times gone. All that here, a corner or sorts that we could call our own.

Sora: Who knew that such a small promise would have taken a lifetime to fulfill? We were but mere children then, and never realized the great lengths at which we would need to take to now meet each other once again.

Suzu: I still remember how soon after the promise I had to leave, and finally after I come back... You know, you should be pretty glad. People do come and visit every once in a while and it seems quite clean.

Sora: Is that so? I guess I have to thank them for the favour. It is pretty hard to...

Suzu: I went over to visit too. Clean, orderly, with your family, just the way you would have wanted it, right? Well, at least you can be sure that people still look after whatever you left back there.

Sora: That I admit.

Suzu:'s been a long 13 years, hasn't it? I really miss the landscape over here.

Sora: And I've been seeing it for a good 13, haven't I? Haha.

Suzu: The place really has changed alot since the past, hasn't it? I can barely recognize certain areas around here now. But still, this area stays the same, almost as if you've been protecting this area all this while. You know, I really would've liked to talk to you all about the time that I've spent away from here.

Sora: ...sorry.

Suzu: Why? Why did you have to leave me behind? What have you done? Didn't we promise?? To meet here? After all these years...

Sora: I'm sorry, Suzu...

Suzu: After all these years you just passed away and left me behind...

Sora: ...

Suzu: ...I'm sorry. It isn't like me, is it? I wonder at times, though. Whether you're looking over me somewhere from above. Whether you ever hear my thoughts, whether you hear the things that I've wanted to say to you. But you've moved on already, haven't you? And I should too.


これ以上何を失えば 心は許されるの
どれ程の痛みならば もういちど君に会える
One more time 季節よ うつろわないで
One more time ふざけあった 時間よ

くいちがう時はいつも 僕が先に折れたね
わがままな性格が なおさら愛しくさせた
One more chance 記憶に足を取られて
One more chance 次の場所を選べない

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
向いのホーム 路地裏の窓
願いがもしも叶うなら 今すぐ君のもとへ
できないことは もうなにもない

One more time 季節よ うつろわないで
One more time ふざけあった時間よ

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
交差点でも 夢の中でも
奇跡がもしも起こるなら 今すぐ君に見せたい
新しい朝 これからの僕

夏の想い出がまわる ふいに消えた鼓動

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
明け方の街 桜木町で
願いがもしも叶うなら 今すぐ君のもとへ

旅先の店 新聞の隅
奇跡がもしも起こるなら 今すぐ君に見せたい
新しい朝 これからの僕

いつでも捜してしまう どっかに君の笑顔を
急行待ちの 踏切あたり
命が繰り返すならば 何度も君のもとへ
欲しいものなど もう何もない

- One More Time, One More Chance (秒速5センチメートル)


It's hard when Byousoku 5cm already talked so much, but I tried, haha.

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