Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year

今はわからないことばかりだけど, 信じるこの道を進むだけさ


It's been a pretty lonely Chinese New Year in comparison to the last.

To be fair, it's to be expected and all considering the fact that the previous Chinese New Year was actually quite a big gathering, having the relatives from Australia and all.

Maybe it's an indication that I actually have a nice and caring extended family and I shouldn't be complaining and all but it did feel rather lonely being the only teenager (Well, not that my cousins read this, but to be safe, I shall not consider 13 as a teenager age and not risk offending parties by accident) around in the house.

All this in rather sharp contrast to the previous Christmas, but perhaps age 16 really is supposed to be a good year and all in more ways than just the end of secondary education and the sudden ability to legally watch NC16 films (Not that one couldn't previously given the right location, but some nice stuff at The Picturehouse just happen to be NC16 for queer reasons and Cathay isn't the best place to watch movies illegally)

A premonition, really, but I kinda get the hunch that this year's Christmas probably will be rather silent compared to last year too. Ah well, that just makes Pre-U holidays rather bittersweet (More in a progressive sense and less in the overall sense) but let's just see about that.


At times I seriously don't know what's up with the world, but that's when you move on even if there's nothing around but more things that you don't understand. Just trust in the path you're on and stick to it, I guess.

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