Thursday, September 11, 2008


Of late my house (to be exact my computer table area) has had a mini-ant infestation. They appear every once in a while, though rarely totalling to 5 or more. Sometimes they crawl on my computer monitor and I get them off with help of my trusty index finger.

Today the same thing happened. I see an ant crawling across the monitor. I ready my finger.

I press.

The thing crawls.

I press again.

The thing crawls.

I press and drag the finger across the screen, tracing the ant's path.

The thing crawls. Goddamnit.

I wonder for a while. I press again.

It's crawling.

Then I realize what the heck was going on. The first thing that ran through my head?

Thankfully the ant has crawled out from the inner LCD layer and back out into the world of the outside. It was quite scary thinking about what would happen.

The dead pixel puns were quite amusing, though.

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