Monday, September 15, 2008

Reality Check

Reality Check Cha-ching!

I am not nearly as capable at doing the many things I attempt as I occasionally believe myself to be. Bummer, but I really am over myself these days. Better work hard.

Recently I've found that there were 2 aspects of my life that I should seriously reconsider once again. And for all that's intended, there kind of was a third that I thought I might've been able to pull off. I take all that back.

It's interesting how much of an absolute shock it is when you hear it (from others or from yourself in one of the aspects), but you realize how true it all is. Yet people don't really find time to make the improvement, they just leave the room as it is. And apparently I've made that mistake a heck lotta times.

Well, there's still the bright side. Ironically, At least I'm still one step before Rex, huh.

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