Thursday, October 02, 2008

The End of 17th Exams

Man, this blog is dead.

Ah well.

Exams ending, Kendo beginner class ending, Jap lessons ending, it's been the first closures to an amazingly hectic year thus far. Plans for what's to come are of course already underway, though I can't deny that the melancholy that comes with certain phases in my life fading away into memories of the past bogs me down every now and then.

The exams have been pretty much the same ordeal they have been earlier on - trying to get into the dean's list for some, trying to avoid focus camp for others, and trying to avoid having to retain classes for one year for some. It's not always smooth sailing, of course, but I suppose I've done relatively fine. Of course it's more of a matter of whether I'll end up getting what I got for midyears again - always the jack and never the ace. Genius? What a mockery. There's never been anything in it. Magic never was magic - just a bunch of tricks and illusions. What genetic breed was there in it? A bunch of excuses for never seeing past the illusions is all that the praise will ever amount to.

The beginning of kendo as a senior is good, though personally I'd have preferred to be a beginner for longer. Well, let's just see how it turns out. I'm rather annoyed by the tournament and JLPT being on the same day though. Guess you really can't have both ends of the stick at once, huh.

It was a rather startling realization when Suresh sensei said that this was the first time him and Joyce ever headed a beginner class, considering Chan sensei's words about Suresh being a good sensei and all that. I guess there's always a first time for everyone, beginner or not, huh. I like the group, though. Hard work is good for the soul in any case.

Jap... lingering feelings, I guess. Things that could've been done better, things that could've been done, times that just don't get their full appreciation until everything's almost over and done with. It's a place like most other places one spends time with - a place of memories, fondness and scars. But more importantly, it's the first place of many that I'm going to have to part with eventually.

I wonder if every other place will feel like this.


A story soon on a riddle last year given to a cross-missing star.

愛しているという声が 泣いているように聞こえた
心がいつか嘘を つくのを 僕はどこかで知っていたの

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