Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The End of Y5

Karaoke over, Phys Oly over, results back, Dean's lists gone, focus camps avoided, school year's come and nearly gone, and life's continued once again.

Let's go through that slowly, shall we.

Karaoke was rather fun. There's this thing about standing on stage and performing. Quite funny, though. When I was standing up there and singing I suddenly realized that the auditorium was tiny. That there were so few people in comparison to my imagination. That ever getting nervous over such a small group of people was sheer folly on my part.

The bugger monitor though. The temptress >_> Made me look that way to look at lyrics that I'd memorized over and over again. Haiz >_>

It's quite scary how the show must go on. When I heard the clanging noise of metal behind me and a bunch of laughter in front of me, when I suddenly realized that the judge in the center was someone from church, when I looked at Dr. Ong with his 'like, whoa' face, and on and on. The show just keeps progressing.

Ah well, second is second and all's fine and over. Who out there will live and die with me? (terribad unpoetic translations ftl)


Physics Olympiad, gosh that was terrible. Hui Jun says that he's probably the worst in our group. Personally I think that honour should go to Michael and I, >_> but then again the 3 of us are like some terribad trio or whatnot. It's not hard to convince us that we're terrible people at these kinda stuff >_>

Bad paper is bad zzz. 3/10 is terribad zzz. That's all there is to say zzz.


Results have been gone through already. 38 without getting into any Dean's List is terribad. Curse you Levin Jarrel Johnny JK and anyone with Dean's List. CURSE YE ALL.


There was supposed to be another story before this, but it's taking darn long to write. Bugger that too. It's hard to write these days.


The school year doesn't feel like it's gone. It doesn't feel like it's ended properly. Maybe because it hasn't really ended, and in some senses that's true. But I can't really feel anything about Y5 coming by so quickly. It's just... it. That's all there was to it, and that's all there ever will be to it. There never was a closure, there never meant to have a closure, and there never will be a closure.

It's just all been a blur, running by the year so fast. Work, IAs, Olympiads, Exams, Kendo, Jap, Routines, Routines, Routines - that's all the year has been for me. Is it regretful? Somewhat. Was it inevitable? Who knows.

Sometimes it just feels like there's still so much to this year left to do. No doubt there're still stuff left to clear, but it's as if I'm in denial, always thinking that there's still more left. More, and more, and more. But the year'll end, just like that, and I'd have accomplished hardly anything.

A classmate once commented that it seemed as if I had everything in my life under control.

What a lie.

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