Thursday, September 09, 2004

ACS Prefect's Camp

ACS Prefect's camp was tough, but Kev, Nev, Gov, Dan, Isa, Jos, Hen, Rus and I made it through! Along with 70 other mainstream people who were nice people.

The council (A sec 4 Group. Leader is Clarence Hui) was extremely tough, but the entire council only came around two times: Once for soccer and once to teach us the need for unity in the form of a "game".

The Trans-Council (A sec 3 group. I don't know who's the leader.) was just as tough, and they were with us for the most of it. They led us in cheering for all the sessions, making it very serious. They turn out to be very nice people during Vespers, but that's because it's Vespers: Worshipping God. They went from shouting about how horrendous we were (Day 1) to how we need to maintain our standard (Day 3). Nice chage, if you ask me.

Sec 2 Prefects were very nice to us, dunno why. Maybe because they're our evaluators.

Mr. Ivan Sim led us partially for the cheering sessions on the 2nd and 3rd day, after we were all beaten up and pumping-positioned alot. He sure knew how to make cheering fun, because our standards of cheering suddenly shot up. Also, he does corporal punishment and is a really fun person to be with.

Anyway, on with what happened during the camp, and not just the people.

Day 1: Entered camp, and went to clean classroom which we were sleeping in. After that, went for Chinese Supplementary Lessons until 12 while other Prefectees were in pumping position. Joined 1/2way through cheering to go pushups.

After that, ate lunch and went for team building games *Tiring but fun*. Then, went for cheering session no.2 with Ex-PB (Prefectorial Board) members Instructor Haikel and Instructor Toh. Instructor Haikel has a weird sense of humour and takes 'Knock it down' in a trigger-happy manner. Ended after lots of 'Knock it down's.

After cheering, we headed for dinner. Proceeded for vespers *Really fun and relaxing* and went for night games no.1 *Water guns, SERIOUSLY disorganized*. Proceeded to sleep at 12 after eating a Chinese Herbal Cough Drop or whatever you call it, Thanks to the nice fella who gave some around the people sleeping in 4.10 Samuel.

Day 2: Woke up at 6 and went for PT *Physical Training* at 7. Rhythm Run and Cheering at the same time? Way too tough. We ended up with lots of scoldings, lots of push-up positions and lots of squats. Breakfast was really good, considering how much we longed for it while in pushup position. After that was a talk with the council *Not trans-council* and we had a game.

The game: Everyone was in a line -------------------- and in pushup position. Three people at the end of the line ran to the IAN *Start of the line was at the bus bay* and back to the start of the line into pushup position. After people ran off, we moved while in pushup position *IOW no recovery* to the end of the line to make space at the start. In the end, the entire game took 11 1/2 minutes total.

Cheering session again, so tough. My voice would've been completely gone if not for that Chinese Herbal Cough Drop and lots of water. I suddenly appreciate water coolers alot. Lunch was pretty nice, after cheering. Then again, it's after cheering, so it SHOULD be nice. After that was a soccer game for 3 hours. Council Member Russell (Or Instructor Russell) came in halfway and made everyone go into pushup position for not cheering well. And that was in the middle of my group's game against Henry's group. Highlights were the game between the Prefectee's 7 best and the Council. After that, went for Cheering session no.2 with Mr. Ivan Sim. Was fun, especially during the 36-in-a-row cheers between the middle staircase (Echo) and the flagpoles (Call) at the ampitheatre. The trans-council commended our determination and courage. Then, DINNER!!! ^_^

After Dinner, we had another vespers, and the 2nd night games. We were supposed to get clues from prefects by guessing whether they were predators or aliens (The theme of the 2nd nightgames was AvP and The Village.), then finding the locations stated in the clue to get lightsticks. After that, find the key-holder, trade the lightsticks for the key, and find a door and win the game. Mr.Francis Soo went around being the chocolate-bearer who gave chocolates to people who could answer this riddle of his.

If we guessed wrongly whether the prefects were aliens or predators, we had to do a forfeit. The forfeits were weird, from listening to a story and answering a question, all while in pushup position; to singing songs for 2 minutes to entertain prefects (I ended up being a sheep for the song Baa Baa Black Sheep), and running around at random. Ended up my group got 2 lightsticks out of a total of 10, with the highest group (Group 10) getting 5. We had 5 clues in total, and I'm not sure how many clues Group 10 got. Oh well. Headed for sleep after taking Strepsils (I love Group 8, and it's not just because I'm in Group 8. It's because of Chinese Herbal Cough Drops and Strepsils. XD)

3rd Day: Woke up for PT, but my legs were in too much pain so I had to sit out of it. The prefectees were doing things like run-cheers (People in Side A and Side B. Some people run to side B to cheer, then some people run to side A to cheer. Rinse and Repeat.). Then they did some slow running, and quite some pushups. We cheered with them, but I doubt they could hear us. After PT was breakfast (I felt bad because I didn't take part in PT, so it was a guilty breakfast kinda.) . We ate fries and sausages, the best breakfast ever during camp (Then again, there's only one other breakfast we ate during camp, so it doesn't say alot.).

After that B-R-E-A-K
Went to the T-R-A-C-K
Gonna cheer at the track, get our voices hoarse,
Else get pumping all the more.


At the track, I saw Jun Yi while we were cheering. We did so horrendously that the Trans-Council walked away in disappointment. Instructor Toh and Instructor Russell took over and gave us 5 minutes to discuss how to cheer better. After that, we tried gradual distance cheering (Get slightly further with each cheer), starting from the center of the rugby field, and we eventually screwed up when everyone was at the 4 corners of the rugby field. Instructor Haikel made us go into pumping position. After a while more of trying to cheer from the 4 corners, Instructor Haikel and Instructor Toh had to leave and decided to end their prefect camp helping with a Yam-Seng.

The Trans-Council came back while we were Yam-Senging and told us to go to the ampitheatre, since we did our 36 cheers there. There, two other JC Ex-PB members took over. We split up into our groups, went around parts of the school and cheered from there. The furthest group from us *Basement area directly below 1.13/1.14 staircase* was at the Green Level Central Staircase *Where the elevator is*. We cheered hard but it was not satisfactory to the Instructors. So, Mr. Ivan Sim took over. After lots of cheering and a few water parades, we ended by cheering Fight! 8 times and Thunderation 16 times. It was truly fun (:

Then, we ate lunch, the best we ever had during the camp (There's 3 lunches this time, so it says a bit more.). This was the only time I wanted seconds XD. After that, we had debriefing at the Lecture Theater (Also where we had Vespers and Night Games Briefing). Group 10 was given the Award *It actually looks quite nice, except that the words were written by marker lol*. Besides that, Mr. Ivan Sim received the award. Big contrast, eh. An Instructor (I forgot his name) and Instructor Arthur decided to 'dedicate' a song to us. He snapped his fingers along with us while Instructor Arthur played the guitar. It went something like this (Definitely not the original version, as I can't remember the exact lyrics now.):

There was a boy. His name was Joe.
Joe. He had a stubbed toe.
He lived on a hill.
And he had a girl. Her name was Jill.
*Some other random stuff, ended up with the Instructors shouting HIT IT! THUNDERATION! and we cheered.*

Then we headed to the space frame to do 10 squats and shouted 'Hip Hip Hurray' for the prefects. Overall, tough but fun (:

"Without passion there is no life, without compassion there is no learning." some book Mr. Francis Soo read long ago.

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