Wednesday, September 08, 2004

ACS Cheers

ACS Cheers:

Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! X2
Everywhere we go! X2
People want to know/kay poh! X2
Who we are! X2
Where we come from! X2
So we tell them! X2
We come from ACS! X2
Mighty, mighty ACS! X2
One and only ACS! X2
Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! Wailo! X2

AC Kemak Kemak:
AC Kemak-mak! (Ole Ole Ah Ah!) X2
Shake it up! (Yeah!) x2

Chinese Cheer:
Ying Hua Ying Hua Di Yi Ming! X2
Ying Hua Ying Hua Yang Yang Xing! X2
Di Yi Ming! X2
Yang Yang Xing! X2
Ying Hua Ying Hua Moh Tak Ting! X2

AC Dynamite:
TNT! Dynamite! X3
AC Dynamite, don’t mess with dynamite! *3 claps* X3

Car Wash:
A! C! S~S!AC AC S~S!
North! South! East, West!
North, South, East, West, who’s the best?
AC, AC, it’s the best!
*11 claps* AC! X3

Brave and Bold:
You don’t know what you’ve been told! X2
ACS is brave and bold! X2
Fight our way until the top! X2
ACS will never stop! X2
For the best is yet to be! X2
We will win; just wait and see! X2
Sound of 1, 2!
Sound of 3, 4!
Break it up! 1, 2, 3, 4,
1, 2, AC!

We’re gonna F-I-G-H-T!
We’re gonna S-C-O-R-E!
We’re gonna fight, score, and win today!
AC, AC, all the way! *repeat*

Thunderation! We’re from ACS!
Dedication! When we fight with!
Determination! We create a!


ACS Will Rock You *Partially to the tune of We Will Rock You. SURPRISE!*
We will, we will, Rock you!
ACS will rock you!

ACS is walking down the street! X2
Left, right, left, right, to the beat! X2
We look cool and we look hip! X2
We've got a spirit that you can't beat! X2
Sound of! (One, two!)
Sound of! (Three, four!)
Break it up! One, two, three, four,
One, two, A, C! Because

We will, we will rock you!
ACS will rock you!!!