Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Random Thoughts

First Sam Chan (Brother of Russell) gets infected with lymphoma.
Then Darrell whacks himself in the nape.
Then there's this rumour going around that there's something wrong with the small swimming pool as Group C of Fabriz's class is down with fever.

Geez, ACS is getting bad feng shui these days.

Oh well, at least people are helping Russell and Darrell. Nice fellas. I woulda helped Russell if I could fold paper stars, but oh well.


Bible study was absolutely weird. Michael went there, and that made all the difference. Michael Wee has the ability to change every single normal thing wrong some way or another. First the piano, then Superstar (Which is deabatable), then Catholics. Oh well, blame his passion. Mike's too similar to me in some ways; he may very well be a reflection of me.

There was Mike, defending every single accusation by Mr. Johnaton Ng against the Catholics. Both have their valid points, but I think I'll side with Mr. Johnaton Ng on this one for now. I am after all rather biased against the Catholics, especially regarding the Sacrements (Which IIRC is another coined term by the Catholics, like the Baptism of Desire. Meh, even if wrong, don't correct me. I live in my world, you live in yours. Sucks to you if my world doesn't like you.). Meh, going into ramblings now.

So, Mike decided to go after school to the CF Room to look for Mr. Johnaton Ng. Now he has a letter 6 pages long addressed to Mr. Johnaton Ng. I concur with Demel. it's just too long. (I hope you all know who Demel is. If you don't, sucks to you. If you know, don't tell anyone else. He wanted us to keep his identity.)

Anyway, the next bible study will be very interesting. I just hope the insensitive 4 mainstreamers won't be around. They ruined the mood. And Michael did seem to have a rush of emotions then. Dunno why, but I sensed pretty strong energy from him. Oh well, I guess I'm not good at these kinda stuff. I found it interesting how his hands were always trembling, and raised so suddenly. It's passion.


Some food for thought:

Now, the moment people reach 13 (Note: 13 the unlucky number), everyone goes all vulgar, hip, cool and stuff. Now many watch porn, many act all vulgar, many think that socks above 5cm are gay, etc. Is this a natural change? Wait, is that even possible? Guess so. I find it hard to adapt to such a world where everyone has changed and I'm one of the few left on the counter. Yu Min? Went vulgar. Gid? Went semi-vulgar and semi-punk. Jarrel? Immune to changes. (Well, maybe he did, but that's not the point.) Isaac? Went perverted. Kevin? Went perverted. Me? I dunno.

I find it interesting that what used to be something people thought as taboo is now part and parcel of life. Surely teenager life is not like that. Oh well, I'll stay at the checkout counter for a while more.


Meh. I only got 30 1/2 for my Jap Test. Sheryl got 34, ZQ got 39 1/2, and Gideon refuses to tell me his marks. He only told me he got lower than me, and Sheryl said that I beat him by a bit, so I'm assuming 28-30. Then again, Sheryl doesn't know, so I'm assuming he got less than 25. Argh, my test is really bad compared to my usual tests. Which are 40-42/50, which is alot better than 30.5/40. Meh....


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