Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Teacher's day yesterday was really weird. Mr. Daniel Tan told us about what his blog was for (Public self and private self etc), which was really interesting, since I was the one who initiated that reaction in him (I told him about how some of our students knew about his blog, etc.).

Then, during Geography, part of it was used up for taking a look at the Atlas (Supplied by Jeremy. Kong) And we found out that 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude (0,0) is somewhere off the African Coast of Cameroon. o_O Talk about useless information.

During Literature, we were filming so as to try and give a gift to Mr.Singh and Mr.Daniel Tan (We love you! Agape way of course) so Kev, Shaun, Sammy & I sang Anti-ACS Songs. It was fun (:. Then we sang All Stars, and Joshua was complaining that we should have sung He (not she) will be loved, and sing about Gideon. Lol, Josh has a sense of humour.

Teacher's Day Celebrations was quite boring. The 118 Prize-giving session took up a whole 45 minutes, but it was really cool how Lee Hao Yi (if you don't know, he's Lee Hsien Loong's son) managed to raise 5k for his 118 card when the target was 1k, but that's beside the point. It's even more cool how parents have donated 600k to 118, and so our total went from 900k to 1.5 mil, when we wanted to raise 1.18 mil. Whee, go ACSI~ *Patriotism, unlike the songs below, though they are really funny too, but STRICTLY PARODIES!*

*Bleh, dislike RI, now Jotham calls himself a gay and Yu Min's ultra-vulgar. Dunno about Brandon and Chuan Yaw, but Nicky and ChanKY have no changes I see. Good for them (:*

Life's suddenly come to a standstill as a holiday comes around. With terrorism comes trouble, with trouble comes war, with war comes peace, with peace comes freedom, with freedom comes boredom, with boredom comes curiosity, with curiosity comes dead cats, with dead cats comes sadism, with sadism comes hate, with hate comes the dark side, with the dark side comes terrorism... o_O

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