Tuesday, June 06, 2006


To Kwong: Haha this year's NCOC is so slack >_>
To SZ: Haha you missed campfire >_>

If you're wondering why I didn't decide to blog yesterday, meh. I'll explain later. 5am is an ungodly hour to work. >_>

NCOC was damn tiring, but damn worth it for the 2nd day. It's been some time since I actually did pumping in camp, lol. >_> But hey, who cares. 100 pumping isn't alot to worry about anyway.

First day was quite sian. Come in, get into barracks, learn firefighting and TOC (Which I've already done last year >_>) then some talk by Zone 4 Commisioner Eric Koh (It is inspiring somehow for me. I think I'm very weird. >_>)

After that some tiring footdrills, then eat dinner, then ZOMG NIGHTINGALE. Damn sian. Forgot how to treat a pelvic fracture (Heck couldn't even diagnose for pelvic fracture in the first place, Jone Lum had to do it for me. ;_; What the heck is the automedian or whatever he called it anyway o_O)

Then sleepz0rz.

Then 2nd day, pure ownage. Wake up, go for this immensely short hike. Meanwhile Ben Tan (Being one of my group instructors, w00t =) and I torture Jone Lum to death about mehmehs jumping over the wall and other associated lame tricks >_>

Ben Tan: bangbangbangbangbang who died
Jone Lum: You died!
Ben Tan: No you died

Ben Tan: 3 mehmehs jumped over the wall 3 mehmehs jumped back. How many?
Jone Lum: 5!
Herr: No, 3 >_>

Ben Tan: 375268 mehmehs jumped over the wall 345309 mehmehs jumped back. How many mehmehs jumped over the wall?
Jone Lum: ZERO
Ben Tan: NO NINE

Herr: 1/3 mehmehs jumped over the wall 1/4 mehmehs jumped back. How many jumped?

Jone Lum: Eh, Herrick, can explain the mehmeh thing ornot? I really dun geddit leh.
Herr: cannot, otherwise Sir will pump me 600. >_>
Ben Tan: Eh Jone Lum wanna play black magic?
Ben Tan: 3000 mehmehs jumped over the wall 340 mehmehs
Ben Tan: okokok we try something else. bangbangbangbangbang who died

We <3 mehmehs =)

Came back played games, and Ben Tan got owned by eggs lol >_>

After that we went sing song (Never do YOUR SIDE YOUR SIDE etc ;_;) Then go do some drills then take photo then, w00t, we went for campfire. SZ got owned becoz he left just before the campfire. >_>

Campfire was srsly ownage. Mass chicken dance ftw >_>

Then during admin time, went to bathe. Go into toilet cubicle, take tap fill up 1.5l waterbottle then wash over head. Rinse and repeat geddit arharhar. >_> Then went to sleep, and woke up again.


Area cleaning sux >_>

Proceeded to go Macs with Vikram and Jerome Quek. Around 4 something, got back home. Played around until 5, when I was too tired and decided to take a nap before eating dinner.

Woke up at 4am the next day completely confused. Tried to sleep again and was unable to. And now you can see what that got me. I am here now blogging in the middle of the night. >_>

NCOC was pretty fun lah. The instructors were pretty nice. Ben Tan and Melvyn Sir rox. Zelda was pretty nice to us as well, but she usually wasn't around with my group.

Best things about NCOC:
Talking/gossiping with Ben Tan Sir and Melvyn Sir
Mass chicken dance
Torturing Jone Lum with mehmehs =)

Worst things: Aah you know already. >_>

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