Thursday, June 22, 2006

Riezz and the Teacher

Student: Teacher, I have to ask for an extension to my work.

Teacher: But why? It is the June Holidays. Surely you must have had much time to have completed the work which was not much to begin with. (Surely, indeed, 20 is a small number you are perfectly capable of handling?)

Student: But ma'am, I have had activities for school, activities that take up time, activities that use up whatever remains of that which I must use for my work. Three weeks of the four I have been given are gone already, and that final is split into segments, segments ever so fragmented, just like my mind. Surely I cannot be expected to have such concentration to do my homework effectively in a day, and remember the ideas I plan out a week from now when my next temporal peace comes?

Teacher: Pure balderdash! Surely you must understand that I, as a teacher, am prone to far tighter schedules, far more unreasonable deadlines, far more stressful nights and days for me to complete my tasks. I am most certain that you are capable of doing the 20 that you have been given my me to complete in that one week you have for work.

Student: But the twenty you have given me has only been from you. Surely there are other teachers? Surely there is other work to be done? If other teachers had given as much work as you I may very well have more than a hundred pieces of work to pass up to everyone, teacher. Surely you are being somewhat unreasonable to ask of me to pass up my homework, knowing well that you have been the only teacher to give so much homework to the rest of the students? I still have other work, ma'am, and I doubt that I could finish your work alone during these so-called holidays with only 1 week of true peace inside, let alone carry the burden and stress placed upon me by other teachers.

Teacher: What does not kill you can only make you stronger, student. If there are ten more pieces of work given by other teachers you must merely complete them all, by hook or by crook. If there are twenty, do likewise. If there are thirty, do likewise. Do you not understand by this point? This cannot kill you. It can only make you stronger. You will understand that in time it is through acceptance and stress that one survives in our current world. My work is here to guide you through to that world, that one which you may very well consider more cruel than your current, but also one which I very well consider more realistic than your current.

Student: Ma'am, it may not kill us, but bringing us to the point that we may very choose so is not such a good choice either, is it? Even before the holidays have started we have all lamented at the huge amount of work you have placed upon us. Is that not an apparant sign that-

Teacher: Already you have admitted that you have had more time to carry out your work than you stated you had! You certainly did not just have these allegedly fragmented days to work, you had every hour after school, after clubs and CCAs, after UYO and drills, after remedials and tuitions, after gatherings and meetings, to carry out your work! Time is what you make of it. Surely you have procrastinated much. If you had spent every hour optimistically thinking that you could finish a part of the work and headed towards a goal instead of instantly crying in defeat and asking for an easier opponent or challenge, you may very well not be complaining or lamenting in front of me right now. Tell me, what have you done during these breaks apart from doing homework?

Student: Well, I have been going out to the arcade with my friends, going out to watch movies with them, going out to the local LAN centre to play DotA with them, and maybe head to the badminton court at times too...

Teacher: Then student, are these not recreational activities that are not embraced nor needed within our work ethics? Surely you could have spent this time doing homework instead. Holidays are holidays, but one must complete the work set out for him in that time as well.

Student: Ma'am, one must complete the work set out for him during the holidays, but before that the holidays must be holidays first! Surely you jest when you say that this time I spend for my precious friendships should be forgone and forfeited, instead using said time for meaningless work that makes me nothing but a more efficient worker in tomorrow's society? I still care for my friends, ma'am, and I still care for my holidays.

Teacher: What is this 'friends' and 'holidays' that you so overly obsess about? Surely you understand by now that those are but euphemisms, synonyms for words which when used immature children like you would not tolerate nor accept. Your friends of today are only going to be your colleagues, workmates, fellow sufferees in this web of life, and nothing more. Your holidays will soon be non-existent, as they already are going to soon become. Treasure the time you have left not by having fun, for then it will fly and soon be gone. Treasure it instead by doing work, for then you will learn your lessons, spend your time slowly, and ready yourself up for tomorrow's challenges. You have not understood true stress, child. When you become an adult you will understand what stress is. And when you become an adult you will thank me for readying you for the stress you will face in the world. Do your work, student, or your holidays will end without any being done.

Student: If I do, ma'am, my holidays would have ended before it could begin. It has been too long since you have understood and felt what a holiday was like. You have been bound by these chains for too long and have forgotten what it felt like to fly.

Teacher: And I am afraid soon the case will be for you too. You must learn that you cannot hate the chains that bind you. It is only through Stockholm's that you will survive in the world. Embrace your stress, child, or you may never get the chance to do so.


A simple question. Who would you embrace and sympathize with?

(Despite similarities, Teacher is not anyone. And if you think that Student is me, you are dreadfully wrong. Both are just creations. But somehow I doubt Mel nor Sis would get that >_>)

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