Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wild Arms 4, OM and more

And the bunch of immensely coffee-drugged hence extremely creative mad folks back at America have returned, bringing back with them a Gold, Silver and Bronze. Readers would probably be most familiar with the team that got Silver, so w00t to you guys. Congrats =)

And back to my immensely boring life that no one would traditionally care about except that... I dunno what makes you guys read my blog. >_>

I hath finally completed Wild Arms 4 (En route to completing Golden Sun soon, probably after NCOC). Though extremely short, it was a fine and satisfactory game. Though I believe had I got a working copy (IOW original) of WA: ACF I probably would've enjoyed it more.

Characterization on the party's part was pretty decent, though I found myself only actually liking Raquel, the others are rather meh >_> It's also nice to see for once a pacifist that -zomg- actually chooses not to fight once in a while (Unfortunately in games, pacifists tend to scream their ideals of not fighting and getting along while simultaneously slicing up the enemy/casting random spell/summoning random entity/doing random skill that hurts enemy. Then they whine about how they're forced to fight and all that then proceed to angst. Aah, gaming archetypes. >_>)

It is however rather sad that none of the villains got any deep (Or should I say deserving) characterization. I know the creators intended to put focus on the party instead of the antagonists, but to have 11 members of some elite force, all very well capable of a decently thought-out backstory, and none of them get one, instead turning them into characters who go "Hey I'm Hugo. I can stop *Blargh*" and repeating it 11 times, you could like have had maybe less of them with deeper storylines. =\ And having them die off in extremely lame fashions does not a good game make. My impression of Mwu La Flaga (Not including SEED Destiny) was that he was cool up till the end when he got shot by Dominion. My impression of Gawn from WA4 was that he was cool up till the part where he said "An 11th Missile? ZOMG" and proceeded to sacrifice himself by shoryuken-ing said missile. Like, try to give them some cool ways of dying that doesn't ruin the character ;_;

It is also simultaneously amusing to note how 14 (including 1 from the ending) characters can die in a game that took me 3 days to complete. After a while they just lose their effect and become pure comical >_> Oh well >_>

Thematically I guess I liked it, it's for once not some good-vs-evil (Gosh how cliche can it get, Square?) game. For once the villains actually have -zomg- NEUTRAL motives you're against and wish to stop o_O

Meh. Don't think I'll be doing the post-game stuff 'cause due to mistranslations in porting the game I am screwed out of getting the Voice Library and the Character Library. ;_; Guess I won't be working hard =

I am ever so addicted to seeing so many leaves fly around aimlessly in the sky, somehow vain yet somehow inspiring, somehow idealistic yet somehow hopeless, somehow dreadful yet somehow beautiful. It is a pity that Singapore rare hath such sights, but if ever they are such beauty. It's the same feeling as drinking a nice cup of tea, haha. Ne'ermind. It's hard to talk about this feeling. =

In two day's time (Well technically tomorrow since it's midnight as I type) I will be at NCOC. Why the heck do I let this kind of stuff happen to me. =
Would write more, but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow (Or later, whatever)

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