Saturday, September 19, 2009


There're a few eagles left in Singapore. (Well, my mom called them 老鹰, and I do believe that there's a bit of room for ambiguity on whether they're eagles or hawks. So >_>) Gwin thought that it might be that they're lacking in food to eat - apparently it wasn't that but a lack of a habitat to live in. I guess Singapore just doesn't have enough high places to live in.

Slowly, the eagles fly away or die out, and none take its place.

What would the eagles have thought when they saw Singapore change, the buildings soaring high, their eyries mere dots from the top of the HDB? What did they think when they realized that no HDB roof would make a good nest, no matter how tall? Did they soar on wings - the eagles they are - to another land that will treat them better? Did they stay and see how long they could last, and eventually died off? Or perhaps they are in hiding! The child in me would like to give such an answer, but alas, it is unlikely.

Could the far-sighted eagle have seen in advance the troubles awaiting? Does it see its problematic future as clearly as it sees the world beneath it? Or does it stay in faith that its environment will persist until tomorrow?

We shall never know - the eagle mocks us mere humans and our incapability to see the world from a place as high as the sky.


I wonder if educational institutions who tell their students to soar on wings like eagles ever told the teachers the same thing.

Perhaps some of them figured it out themselves.

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