Thursday, August 05, 2004

5-Day Holiday.

Well, I suppose I should be celebrating. Yay (Now at least I've more time to catch up with work and my Providence Gundam Model (darn gwin bugging me to finish it).

Journey to Jap today was interesting. Me, Mike, Juzzie, and Gid were singing some random Weird Al songs, and ZQ was talking about us not singing normal songs. Gee, what's wrong with Yoda (e song, not e person) anyway? After that, Mike decided to go and make me sing while Sheryl was on the phone, so she'd hear it. What happened? Gid ended up acting like a sissy and made us laugh. During Jap, Mike nearly slept, ZQ nearly slept, and I nearly slept too. Is this a chain coming up? Gee o_O

Mdm. Eu is rather interesting. Why does she refuse to let me worry over it? Am I really overworrying? Is it really not my responsibility? *sigh* Maybe because in her eyes, I'm just a kid; still immature. Aren't I mature enoguh?...maybe not. Oh well. I still need to ask her one more thing.

- The world is not beautiful; And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty. - Kino's Journey

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