Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blog Reviews

Since I've been planning this for some time, but now I can post it, I will!

Note: Order of updatedness is as follows (descending order)
Usually Updated
Generally Updated
Occasionally Updated
Rarely Updated
Never Updated

Decent Blogs:

Eka's Blog (

This blog is real nice. Design, layout, everything's neato, except for the hate going on at the tagboard. Even has a cute guessing game :)

Usually Updated.

Gideon's Blog (

This blog is quite good. It follows the template, so that's a slight downside as it'll look like the blogs of others (Mine, for example.) Apart from that, I can't exactly pinpoint at any other problem there is, except maybe the lack of intelligence in his blogging. Also, no tagboard. Bad Gideon.

Generally Updated.

Zhang Quan's Blog (

Nice blog. It uses a template too, but at least he uses a different template from the rest of the GEPers. Tagboard, coherent speech, intelligent language, this blog is a decent blog. Just try and get Peter to cut out all those Dr.Ong talk, please?

Usually Updated.

Michael's Blog (

It's a livejournal blog, so that automatically brings the happiness guage down. No tagboard, no frames, just a bunch of text in the middle and links at the top. Bad Michael, use blogspot next time.

Generally Updated.

Shaun's Blog (

Nice javascripts, tagboard, visitor sitemeter, this blog's fine, except that it's pure white and I'm anti-PAP (nah, just joking. We all love Goh and Lee, right? *Brandishes sword*) .

Generally Updated.

Sheryl's Blog (

Nice blog, except that all the links and the tagboard are very hard to access as the scroll bar is invisible. Other than that, great blog!

Generally Updated.

Andy's Blog (

Amazingly nice. It's mostly a program, and that's real cool. However, it's been created only one or two days ago so I cannot judge anything else.

NA Because not updated yet

Jotham's Blog (

Whee! I love KH too. Tagboard, links, the usual. And javascript lets you see the time! Really nice at first, but the clock gets annoying after a while. Put it somewhere, not following you, Jotham.

Occasionally Updated.

Ellius' Blog (

Has a long history, tagboards, and links, but sadly, hasn't updated in a long time.

Rarely Updated.

Not-so-good blogs

Daniel's Blog (

Geez, all this has is a tagboard! This is bad!

Never Updated.

Brandon's Blog (

...this is even worse -_-"

Never Updated.

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