Wednesday, August 18, 2004

GE Open House

Haven't been blogging in some time, so I suppose I might as well record the stuff I did.

GE Open House: Boy, was that fun. Shaun and I were helping out in the Science area, and Shaun managed to skip BB (Earlier that day I passed my CPR test too :) ). Sadly, my bag was too full for my school uniform so I ended up walking around in my SJAB boots.


Shaun and I were teaching the P6 GEP Students how to make flubber/slime, while two Sec 2 GEP students were teaching them how to make blue bottles (Glucose Solution + Sodium Hydroxide + Methalyne Blue = Blue Bottle. Shake it ;) ). *Note: Blue Bottles and Slime only last for one day.* Every single batch of students were fun to deal with (Note DEAL WITH, not WORK WITH.), after the first batch of students they got progressively more evil. Luckily, there were only three batches of students. The last batch was the ACS(P) group, and Kin Ming was making fun of Bryan Tsui. It was real funny when everyone knew him and we all were laughing. After that, Kin Ming made Mitchel and someone I don't know bow to Shaun and I. o_O Scary O_o In the end, we all ate Chai Shao Kuey and we headed home at 6. Happy :)


Prefect: I was nominated for prefect! By who? Me, that's who! Of course, Mdm. Lim Chiou Yan had to agree and so did the class, but what the hey! Other prefect nominees are:
(1.12) Kevin Low, Isaac Lim, Joshua Rene, Henry Liu, Daniel Yee.
(1.13) Kevin Wong (!), David Crawshaw, Neville (Forgot surname) (!), Govind Krishnan (sp?)
(1.14) Michael Alexander, Trevor Soh, Marcus Ting.

They gave us a talk today, and our camp will be in the Sep. Holidays. I hope I do well; they have water sports included and I stink at it. ...oh well, all for PREFECTIONISM!


Mdm. Eu is reading us students' blogs; that's not good to know. The unedited word of the masses (or students) will be read by authority! Now because of that Shaun has a Mdm. Eu reply in his tagboard, and Eka's going to get scolded (In all honesty, serves him right.). Now everyone knows that Michael calls Sheryl 'Sheryl Darling'! Lolx. I just hope she doesn't get to mine, and if she does, she doesn't go about it in an aggressive manner, like she did to Eka.


Michael is declaring Shaun, Sheryl, Salima, and Yan Yi his true friends. I challenged his sureness, and, he's really sure those are his true friends. He's the only one, of course. No one else in 1.12, 1.13 or 1.14 trusts that so much (For your information, neither does MGS. NYGS has yet to be confirmed.).

Michael: Trust me, I wouldn't know a true friendship until I've experienced one, and I have. I am only telling you from the bottom of my heart that Sheryl and I are true friends, and you're not going to stop that.

Zhang Quan: Most of his 'true friends' are girls.

Shaun: We can only wait for him to grow up a bit.

Me: *sigh*

Ironic, isn't it, that no matter how hard Michael tries to make his point that him and Sheryl are true friends, no one ever will listen to him. Why? His ego, duh. *Surely Michael will flame me again, but that's my thoughts now, and that's all that matters. Michael, you may have proven that you sincerely believe that AS FAR AS YOU ARE CONCERNED, Sheryl and you are true friends. I concede to that. Now try and prove that for the other side, and prove that you're mature enough to know what you're talking about.

Prove it to Shaun.
Prove it to ZQ.
Prove it to me.
Prove it to Eka.
Prove it to Silas.
Prove it to Ian.
Prove it to Mdm. Eu.
Prove it to Michael Ong.
Prove it to Gideon.
Most importantly, prove it to Sheryl.

That's all I wish to say. Don't bother talking to me over MSN, I'll be blocking you for now. Be glad you won't need to be rash. Just remember these five words, Michael, before I block you.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words."

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