Monday, August 09, 2004

AC Superstar / S'pore Idol Ep.1

Well, haven't blogged in a while, so might as well blog about the events that went on a few days ago.

AC Superstar: AC Superstar was, needless to say, rather interesting. I personally wanted Dinesh to win, but oh well. Turns out some guy with a sore throat beat a poser and a handsome-dude. Even better were the audition videos, but why'd they have to put me all the way at the end with that gigantic words "DARKER TONE?" It just sounds so...corny.
And Zhang was laughing so hard that Josh and I had to keep him from falling off the chair. Good thing the audience wasn't laughing that loud (A few were clapping, but that's still a minority.). What'd he say the next day? "If you continue to sing like that it'll seriously be the end for you." Meh, so what? My end comes after yours, so there. Then Michael SMSed Zhang saying "Vote for Herrick! XD" I feel so insulted. Why not both of them try and go for it? The only thing that'll come out of it will be a laugh from me.
Josh, Hen, Zhang and I were sitting in the front seats. That was so nice; we could hear everything nice and loud. Jun Yi was sitting next to Cleon, or so he says. That must've been painful. Michael was sitting next to Sheryl and some of her friends. Dude, if that's not flirting, I don't know what that is.
Poor Sheryl, having to cope with a nerd drooling all over you. Lesson no.1: Never go out with someone who's only an accquaintance for something like a concert. Lesson no.2: If you're forced to accept the invitation, never wear a skirt. The other person will just be compelled to ask you out more often. Lesson No.3: It's fine calling friends 'darling', but be cautious if accquaintances call you 'darling' too. That's for you, Sheryl.

S'pore Idol Ep.1: Dude, I didn't know that Singapore actually could have good singers! I was personally rather amazed at some. But this episode's greatest singer was definitely Gurmit Singh! (Can't wait for the next episode, Banana Man! Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, Banana Phone...)

So far, the only people who've ever come around were Sheryl and Zhang. Maybe I should ask them to link to me sometime. Hey, that's for you two if you ever come around anymore ;)

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