Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ever Snow

Ever Snow, byYoma Komatsu (Btw, this is pretty old)

konna ni suki na kimochi ga afureru...

kanashii hodo soba ni itakute demo
kimi no senaka kasunde yuku yo doko he mukau no?

kuchibiru ni itoshisa o kanjiru tabi ni
shinjiteta kimi ga iru koto...

hakanaku maichiru yuki o miteita
saigo no keshiki ha shiroku setsunakute...

koueta yubisaki nido to kimi ha todokeba
futari no ashi ato nokorazu kieteku...

I've started to get addicted to RO and Stepmania (:
Stepmania is fun; but I can't get beyond Light Mode, to be exact Light Mode Sakura, a 5 Footer. But I can't beat Paranoia Survivor Max light mode either, and it's also a 5 Footer. Oh well, I'll continue training to be better at Stepmania *Then I get my dance pad to work on legs after my hands XD* Stepmania is a DDR Com. Simulator btw.

RO... I'm a lv.70 Assassin! (: My bro's a lv.67 Swordie who's stuck in a wall in Payon. Oh well, I'll have to look for the aeRO GM. ): I've Gwinny, my bro's Swordie, Mera, my Assassin (Mera's a girl's name! argh, what a bad choice of names.), Demel, my mage-to-be (Hey, the class changer wasn't around then, so...) and Roan-Chan, my sacrificial pet who is also stuck in that wall in Payon. I'm deleting Roan-Chan soon, btw.

Playing aeRO, anyone plays that too? Rates 30/30/30, so it's not too overpowered compared to *COUGHCOUGHTANJUNYISSERVERCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH* with rates of *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH700/700/750COUGHCOUGHCOUGH*.

Whee, school's over! I hope I can enjoy my time with Mera. Oh well, 2 out of 52 weeks of happiness, (:

Lit: Not gonna do well. Hopefully B4, realistically C5.
Eng: B3, I guess
Chi: Hopefully B4 or so.
Hist: Not doing well, but my assignments from term 3 should bring me up a bit. B3 or so.
Geog: I think I can do well. But are you sure it's Kalahari? A2 or so.
CS: Not tested yet. Besides, not counted in final exams.
Jap: I just hope I beat ZQ to take first place, and beat Michael for fun. A1 at worst.
Lsc: Meh, I no gonna do well. B4 desu.
Psc: Maybe better. B3 desuka?
Art: Whoope, I think I can get B3 at least. (:
Math: I think I can do well, B3-A2?

Averagely B3? I hope I get averagely A2. (: or not):

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