Friday, October 01, 2004

Honour's Day

Honour's day was so boring. Geog and Lit first two lessons, and we got back our unseen poem/prose test. I got less than 10, geez. I guess I've got to learn to answer the question. After that, Joshua came back after leaving for being an Honour's Day award recepient. Seems that Mr. Shepard messed up by accident so his approval form for Joshua wasn't accepted. Oh well, poor Josh.

After that, recess and presentation. 1.12, 1.14 and 1.11 went to the Auditorium because there weren't enough seats filled up and we've already done our checkup. Meh, wanted to stay at the CPA. Anyway, Dr. Lee Li Eng and another guest of honour (Who looks strangely like Mr. Daniel Tan) came along. An invited guest is Ronald Susilo (I've played too much KoL...). After that, a whole lot of rewards and me hissing at every prefect I recognized, the thing ended. Justin, Lester and Mattheaus (or Andrew) were standing up because they were goofing around. Released from Audi, told Mr. Daniel Tan about my problem and he went to get a permanent marker for me. Then I rushed to the Boarding School Dining Hall where the receptions were being held and I managed to get my racket signed by Ronald Susilo! A happy teen is me.

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