Sunday, October 10, 2004


Whee, exams are finally over. I think I did well generally for the exams, except for Hist and Lit. For Hist, of course, there are 5 assignments which all got around 40/50 during term 3 to bring my score up. Lit, however... *sigh* and it's an important aspect for IB too. Oh wellz. Now I have to worry about Melissa, Michael, Gideon, Sheryl, Jarrel, Samuel Ng, and a WHOLE lotta other people. seems so boring without a cause now. Up to now, letting Melissa have a cousin to be proud of was my main motivation. After all, she's the first girl I'd want to see happy. Then there's maybe Ke Xin, and Yvonne, but I haven't seen Ke Xin since June (that, and I only manage to see her about 5-6 times a year), and I haven't seen Yvonne since Chinese New Year during P5. Then maybe Sheryl, but I don't know her well enough. *sigh* I don't think I'll be seeing Yvonne ever again, I see Ke Xin so rarely (and I don't even speak much to her), and Melissa only comes around for 2 weeks in the year.

Oh well. Godwin got aeRO working (I'm thankful that I've a bro who has common sense and humour sense.) so both of us are on it! Yay, he's got a 52/39 Swordie and I've a 56/41 Thief (Called Mera, ooh the irony XD), and soon I'm gonna make a wizard called Demel. Should've called my thief Reizz instead of Mera, since Mera would prefer to be a priestess.

ISO's coming along fine, and Jarrel showed my Lee Hao Yi's com programs. Turmites and Tanks were really cool (: Lee Hao Yi's a com genius for a Sec 3.

Yesterday, headed to Grandparent's. When coming down, I was alone in the elevator with some maid with a dog. It was so funny that the dog ran away the moment the door was open XD Am I THAT scary? I hope not. The maid was wondering why the dog went so fast. XD

Oh well, 2 more months to personal time with my cousins, the only time I truly cherish. And after that, it'll be school again! And another year before meeting Mel. *sigh* If only I could see her more often.

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