Friday, October 01, 2004


触れてても 冷たい指先
凍り付いた 月に照らされて


一瞬の彼方で 煌めいた想いが
愛なら 幻にしてみせて

放つ光 空に堕ちる
望むだけの 熱を捧げて

死に逝く星の 生んだ炎が
最期の夢に 灼かれているよ

降り積もる 罪は優しさに
刺は微笑に 変えてゆけるなら


祈りの儚さが 求める切なさが
二人の 出逢った時代を揺らす

嘆き 光 波にのまれ
痛みの中 君は目醒めて

傷つけながら 出来る絆が
孤独を今 描き始める

注ぐ生命 刻む羽根で
君よどうか 僕を包んで

光はまた 空に堕ちる
望むだけの 熱を捧げて

崩れ落ちゆく 過ちの果て
最期の夢を 見続けてるよ...
They touch, although with icy fingertips
Illuminated by the frozen moon

My flawed heart still embraces the night, even as it burns out
That feeling that glittered off in the distance for a split-second - If it's love, I'll try for that vision

The light is freed and falls through the sky, sacrificing its warmth only for hope
The flame that's born of dying starts burns on in this, my final dream

If the sin that falls and covers everything turns to kindness, and if a thorn could become a smile

Like the unheard scream of a flower before it falls
The pain that searches for the fragility of a prayer stirs the period when the two of us met

The grief and the light are swallowed up by the waves, and in the midst of all this pain, you awaken
This bond that could be created because we were hurt is beginning to paint over the loneliness

Pouring my life into this; with whatever wings you have left - I'm begging you, please wrap me up in them
The light again falls though the sky, sacrificing its warmth only for hope
This mistake caves in and comes to an end, and my final dream continues on..

Meteor, T.M. Revolution, Insert Song of Gundam SEED.

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