Friday, August 08, 2008

How Terribly Unpatriotic

I've never felt so restrained in music despite trying to go as all out as possible.

Maybe it's the lack of actual said required national identity around myself in order to be able to sing with patriotism, but still.

The masses are required for such things. I'm sure many Chinese people recall the famous song <龙的传人> and how proud one is to be of oriental descent hearing the song, singing the song, being part of the song. People must be in sync before they can truly live out and experience the power of a song.

Perhaps we have become less akin to being able to appreciate the greater messages. Well, not the kind dished out over the PA system, but truly glorious messages brought forth by believers and songs. I know that I've been more sensitive to the crowd - and I'm relatively sure many of us have.

Compare that to potentially the greatest Olympic Games Opening Ceremony ever. That is what the masses are. That is what belief is. That is how a message is conveyed.

Every man down there, a volunteer. A person who made the choice to step up and join the group who wanted to show the world that China was not to be looked down on. A person who would go through 10 months of training just for that few hours of his life, potentially the greatest s/he'd have this decade. A person who made the country proud a few moments ago.

And you would find them to be volunteers, not forced people. Isn't that the wonder of it all? People who choose to take this responsibility. Completely amazing.

Definitely the cash factors into the whole thing as well. But the sheer massiveness of the human dancers/performers there really shows what a country should be like.

I'm sorry, I'm rather short of words right now. It was that amazing.

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