Monday, August 25, 2008

In the end, People are People

A thought occurred to me yesterday watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony. A realization, really.

That despite the grandness of it all, despite the majesty of it all, despite the fact that these are the people who volunteer to be part of this amazing performance and these are the athletes that represent the epitome of sports in the countries worldwide,

People still really love to stare in front of the camera and wave. And go crazy. And do all sorts of stuff. It's fascinating, really.

We all live our lives thinking that they're all beyond our reach, that they're some kind of superhuman people that we were not meant to be, that we are incapable of ever becoming like them.

And yet they're still so similar to us. See a camera and they go crazy. Wave and scream like a child finding a toy. We all forget that in their strive to be the epitome of humankind in sports, that they're fundamentally still part of humankind and still amongst us in other things.

It's a certain kind of human nature to want to distinguish yourself from people of radically differing lifestyles. You from your boss, him from his teacher, she from her mother-in-law. Yet there is still one factor that ties you and every other man and woman alive together: we're all human.

And though perhaps you may not be similar to the Olympian Athletes, I'm sure there's another way in which you can surpass them, and perhaps be your own Olympian in that sense too. Because people are people, and you're a person too.

I mean, just a day or two ago everyone in my cohort was discussing about what a good life was. I'm sure Olympics people consider their life a good one. We just have to find another.

More thoughts, really. Today was quite distracting. Or maybe something completely new.

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