Monday, May 15, 2006

Bryan Ong, Xbox 360 and Immense misconceptions

Talking to Bryan about how Xbox 360 had a bad showing at this year's E3, and PS3 will dominate Xbox 360 for this year's Christmas (Ignoring the fact that the Wii will probably beat both) (Not verbatim):

Bry: But they have Perfect Dark Zero wad!
Herr: That's a launch title, I'm talking about E3 2K6. >_>
Bry: Oh, right, then they have Fable 2, Jade Empire 2 and Knights of the Old Republic III.
Herr: O_O Jade Empire 2 and KotOR III? Holy crap o_O. I didn't know that.
Bry: And they have Halo 3.
Herr: Which is due to release next year. PS3's still going to beat it this Christmas.
Bry: But Bill Gates said that Halo 3 would release at the same time as the PS3, so that "The moment PS3 releases it will clash with Halo 3."
Herr: PS3 is set to release this year. Halo 3's set to release next year.
Bry: PS3 has been delayed.
Herr: o_O (Again?)
Jerrold (Comes in): But then it's Bill Gates lah, he would obviously speak up for Halo right. It's probably exaggerated or something.
Bry: I guess...

Me: o_O o_O o_O JE2 KotOR3 PS3 delayed o_O

Me: (Now at home)

Me: *Checks google for Halo 3 release date*:

Hmm, he's right about the facts, but then this was from last year. E3 trailer was this year. I'm inclined to believe the latter. >_>

Me: *Checks google for PS3 release date*:

Release date: November 2006 (17th Nov 2k6, but this may not be true, so safest to say is Nov)

Hmm, I guess he was talking about the delay from Spring 2k6 to November 2k6. Outdated again >_>

Me: *Checks gametrailers for Fable II, Jade Empire II and KotOR III*

*watches Fable II* Release date in 2007 =\ Definitely a good game though.

*Does not find JE II and KotOR III* o_O

*Searches google for JE II and KotOR III* Games that have yet to be announced... eh, not very teh accuratez is it. >_> Not even announced at E3 2K6, maybe 2K7 but that's another year to come.

After all that from Bryan Ong, I think I'm inclined to continue thinking of myself as more up-to-date as of current on this. >_>

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