Thursday, May 18, 2006

Corporate T-Shirts, Lost Keys, Jarrel Seah and more.

Our new corporate T-Shirt is wonderful. It looks alot worse than our older one. Must we change it? Blue is a cool colour, yellow doesn't look nearly as nice. Personally I'd be ashamed to wear it at the rugby finals. Even then, a rule is a rule >_>

I just hope that if we ever get 'Corporate T-Shirt Days' we'd be allowed to wear our older Corporate Tees rather than these new yellow ones. =
And I can't wear it at home either because it isn't nearly as oversized as my S1 Orientation jersey (I have a tendency to wear oversized clothes at home, don't ask >_>). =\ But oh well.


"I wanted to talk about the bishop and why some questions aren’t just a question but more like a self degrading announcement on how shallow and unread one is." - iphoting

I assume that you were referring to Jarrel Seah, since I hardly can believe that you would say this to anyone else (After all he's the only one I can think of that fitted this description). I admit that he did his questioning extremely crudely, and completely ignored any signs from the audience that he should just shut up. And I also admit that he is not actually well-versed in the bible and not readily able to attack it specifically on any part, instead using the common argument of it being written by man and not by god, and some other stuff.

I admit that his questions were rather signifying of the impression that he was shallow and unread, because in all honesty some of his answers were indeed extremely shallow and atypical (Whether it's a good interpretation is also debatable) interpretations of the bishop's replies.

But nonetheless, I doubt that you could actually hold him in an argument. Perhaps it's that he's better than you at arguing, perhaps it's that he knows more about you on said subject, or perhaps it's that he just doesn't get any points for the other side, nonetheless you wouldn't be able to do so. Actually, that's completely irrelevent >_> I do agree with you generally, but hey, what can you do. Some GEPs are GEPs. >_>


The key hath been lost. Kwong is in great distress. I mean, one has to be in great distress if he blogs about a key >_> Oh well, let's hope our new one stays and I turn out to be more competent in regards to handling the key.

Oh, and sorry to everyone who was stuck outside class today due to me not passing the key to anyone for ISO. Major incompetence on my part >_<

But apparently I heard none of you could come up with a good replacement for chairman. Dear me, did every competent man really go and become a prefect? >_>


Another fragmented post, coz well I'd rather save the rest of my thoughts and post a long post on a single topic. >_>

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