Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I do not think I shall be blogging for a while.

Honestly, I do wonder what this blog is for. When I first made a blog, I thought that it'd be useful for chroniclizing my life, but instead you can tell that the blog isn't actually much of a diary. I must of course thank it for keeping track of what kind of person I've been up till now, though.

But look at it. This blog has turned from a blog of randomness into a blog of quizzes into a blog of games into a blog of stories. Somehow my blog has turned from 149 to 1000 to 8333 visitors, 5 per day to 10 to for some reason, 35 right now.

Some people respect me for what I write. I mean, Year 5 people read my blog, that means people irrelevent to my normal school life read my blog. Karan thinks I write well. I uh appreciate that. But see, what has that done for my image?

I write stories that reflect what I see in life. But why are they so mystical and fantastical? I'm confused on what to do with my stories too. I've just too many conversations in mind to actually write them all down at once.

Reading the Crucible is in addition making me wonder if I should write my own similar play. I mean, a play in text is ultimately conversations between people, right? This would just be an extension. But that would give it a Singaporean element. And that isn't what I've been doing up to now. In fact, I really find it hard to see how this blog really gives off any particular Singaporean vibes, except for maybe one or two blogposts ABOUT Singapore. See. Now my writing's at a standstill again.

...as you can see I'm doing this to loosen my mind of thoughts so I can get back to homework. Fragmentations out. Maybe the next time I'm here I'll be more certain of my blog's identity, haha. >_>

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