Thursday, October 26, 2006

The End

So school's ended. So we've had a class party. So we've got Mdm. Loo Shek Kien and Mdm. Sandra Sim (More used to calling her Mrs) and Mr. Alvin Tan is not in the same class as Michael Ong, a thing to be very thankful for.

*In SJAB Room*

AV Tan: Sian eh, I think I may become PCT of 4.9 or 10 leh... eh Herrick
Watashi: ?
AV Tan: Mong is in which class? 9 or 10?
Watashi: Why do you wanna know about Mong
AV Tan: Just tell me. 9 or 10.
Watashi: Uh, 9...
AV Tan: Ok good I hope I become PCT of 10.
Watashi: What's wrong with Mong?
AV Tan: He has a way of getting to you.

And in addition, I'm not chairman next year. Kwong is. I'm just a regular student~ haven't felt what it was like for some time now, though given me I'll probably end up acting authoritarian again. Darh. But oh well, my plan to make Jason chairman was semi-successful. >_>

Some other thoughts on being chairman, but I shan't talk about them here.

Anyway, will be getting back to writing soon. Had some funky idea that I wanted to work on a bit, so haven't really been writing any conversations or whatever lately.

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