Tuesday, October 31, 2006


'bout 3 days since I ate at the Singapore Polo Club, and damn their food is good.

But that's not relevant. >_>

Over there I saw an interesting sight: Bunches of kids dressed out in various costumes, obviously for Halloween celebrations. Now isn't that a rarity. Kids with scythes, kids with Scream masks, kids with The Mask Masks >_>, and so on. And among them was one little Asian kid with le katana. TOTALLY Halloween, but then again maybe he was trying to be a ninja or something.

It's seriously a queer feeling to suddenly stand among so many Caucasian families along with so many Caucasian kids in random costumes. Such out-of-the-norm things as said, don't happen in the norm. I guess it's because we don't embrace the Halloween culture in any way whatsoever, but nevermind.

Here's the next note. I did note a number of teenagers around the area too, but none of them were in Halloween costumes, instead just wearing normal clothes. Well, duh, some of you would say. Don't people grow out of Halloween by the teenage age?

Now isn't it a gigantic irony that costume parties are carried out at a later age for Singaporeans, instead of at the young age for children? Perhaps it's due to a more cosmopolitan nature brought out in older Singaporeans (You can't expect kids 5 years old to have future plans for moving out of S'pore) resulting in embracing different cultures at a later age, but even then the reasoning and idea is somewhat queer in the first place.

Seriously, what does this say about Singaporean culture? Are we truly embracing different cultures, or are we stuck in the middle without any? Hmm. Then again, they're not mutually exclusive.

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